Hi, Bill!

We came back last Thursday evening as you probably know...

The flights - with thousands of flights being canceled and delayed, somehow we got to where we needed to be when we needed to be there.

The rental car - They upgrade us (!) to a huge Buick Enclave. It was spacious and comfortable! Of course it cost about $58 to fill half a tank but ok...

The accommodations - Taos: The hotel was beautiful and charming and in a convenient location. It was a bit shabby and in need of attention. The worst was the water pressure - or lack of it. The temperature was good but no pressure. I still love Taos!! The Bellagio was great but all their restaurants were pricey. Some of the other hotels had more of a selection. They also had about 5 million people there. For the amount of people staying there, the elevators arrived quickly. (A minor detail but one that was noticed!)

All of the other accommodations - Perfect! Absolutely perfect! The time you allotted in each was good. It meant there was a reasonable amount of time for Jeff in the car. We only had to stop once or twice the entire two weeks for him to get out of the car to walk a bit.

I told Jeff I'd like to fly to Denver again and go a bit more north - a little deeper into Utah to see some of the parks and canyons that we didn't see this time. There was a day or two where we could have pushed but it would have meant too much time in the car. Maybe next summer...

We did the tour in Monument Valley. Wow. Just wow. It was interesting that in the entire two weeks, that's the only place we had to wear masks. It seems that the native Americans are vaccinated but medical care is not so local for them. The poverty (I noticed it mostly in New Mexico.) was awful. It's hard to believe it's the same country.

During the trip, we saw exactly one Trump billboard and that's it. (We have two in Havertown.) I expected to see more.

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! I'm totally hooked on Rubinsohn Travel, as I tell anyone who ever asks about a travel agent. I hope you've gotten some calls over the years! They'd be from people mostly from out in this neck of the woods but that's okay.

I hope you're well and enjoying the summer!

Lisa (& Jeff)


Maria and I returned from our trip to Hawaii yesterday and wanted to touch base with you.

Every single aspect of our trip was absolutely perfect! Your advice on travel was spot on. Glad we listened to you. The transfers were seamless, the resorts were amazing and the tours were wonderful (if not exhausting!) From Hundreds of Surfers outside our window in Waikiki from Morning till dusk; and Penguins and swans and ducks and exotic birds all over the resort in Maui. Hawaiian shaved ice on every corner (My favorite) Gorgeous sunsets, beautiful mountains…. Just wonderful.

Thank you so much for your expertise in planning and executing this trip. It is one we will remember for a lifetime.

Best regards,

Chuck B.

Adrienne Sasson was amazing to deal with. She was warm, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable and really went the extra mile to ensure my wife Sara and I were prepared and informed when making each decision as we finalized our honeymoon plans. From phone calls to facetime, she ensured that we never felt out of the loop. She was a pleasure to deal with and our honeymoon to LA & Tahiti would not have been the same without her support. I cannot recommend Adrienne enough and if you decide to use her, you will not be disappointed.

Scott T.

After I retired from playing music, & moved back to philly from new orleans, my mom said to me to find a travel advisor who can then find a group for me to go with, seniors over 50, something like that, because she said you can't go alone the 1st time. I found Rubinsohn Travel the next day at the pavilion, walked in, got a stack of brochures & tour books(1 of which was tauck), went back to mom & looked them over. I came back the next day & met bill, 1 of the best days of my life, & 1 of the most beautiful people I have had the pleasure to meet. What he has done for me & shown me & is still doing for me is beyond words.

I could probably write 2 books on this by now. I showed him the London/Paris book mom & I picked out, & the rest is history. I found Tauck & Bill in the same day & have remained & will be loyal to both. The progression then led to Venice, Florence & Rome. And now on to around 15 tours with Tauck & Bill has been with me all the way working on flt itineraries & also pre and post stays that I began doing.

One that stands out was Australia with Tauck, & a post trip in New Zealand with Abercrombie and Kent. We worked on an excursion to Rotorua & the caves, & then on to Fiji at the Intercontinental Hotel which is close to paradise.

Not long after I met Bill he introduced me to Luca, an agent in Italy, & Mina who does Italy, the Med, & Greece, both of whom we have worked with & will be in the future. Mina led me to Greece & that's an area I love. Mina, Bill & I have worked on many itineraries there sorting out drivers and guides, with specific days & hotels. Everything has always gone well with transfers etc. Mina & Bill work very well together figuring out what I want & what I'm trying to do. In dee '19 I was in Morocco with a post in Marrakesh. Bill said I'd love it, he was right, & I stayed an extra 5 days that were amazing.

I was most recently with Tauck in Croatia in October 2021, & Egypt/Jordan this past December with a post in Cairo & then on to Istanbul for a week or so that Bill & I worked out. In Istanbul he suggested a stay at the Hagia Sofia hotel. A year ago he said you've never stayed in a place like this, & he was right again. In fact he's always been right 99% of the time, & the 1 % doesn't matter.

My next with Tauck is Switzerland in July & with Mina to Sardinia in October, with a few Italy excursions between. Here's to the future, more great excursions, experiences, flt itineraries, more great hotels, & more being right 99% of the time. Looking to travels ahead & around the world with Bill & Rubinsohn Travel.

Andy K.

Adrienne not only provided us with great service and competitive pricing, but she gave us peace of mind when we needed it most. With so much going on in the ramp up to a wedding, we just didn't have time to do all the research necessary for international travel, to a country in which we had never been. Adrienne did all of that legwork for us, and gave a detailed step-by-step instruction to get from the arrival gate to the resort with ease. If you can put a price on that, Adrienne would be able to beat it.

Bruce M.


It is on these cold days in the winter that we sometimes reflect on the beautiful trip that Rubinsohn Travel meticulous crafted for my wife and I. We entrusted Bill to plan our trip to Italy to celebrate my 60th birthday during the last week of September that went into early October. As COVID had slowed we were a little anxious to be traveling to a foreign country. However from the moment that we stepped off the plane we had a VIP experience as we greeted by a concierge handler and were whisked through immigration and quickly guided to our awaiting car and driver. While rubbing our eyes and adjusting to the time change we looked out the window and watched the beautiful scenery rush by as we drove south until we arrived at Amalfi coast to Positano and checked in to Le Sirenuse. The accommodations and attention to detail at the hotel were superb as we dined and looked out into the splendor and Bay of Positano. We enjoyed exploring the beauty of Positano and the surrounding towns.

We then traveled to Rome and toured the great historic sites enjoying the food and culture. We then traveled to visit the well preserved medieval towns of Siena and Pisa. Ready for some more relaxation we traveled to Portovenere which is surrounded by a majestic walled medieval castle. This hillside town is quaint yet beautiful and our home base to travel through through the Bay of Poets and visited the seas side towns of Cinq a Terra. We finished our trip by visiting Portofino and stayed at the elegant Splendido hotel. The accommodations and attention to detail that Rubinsohn Travel superbly planned made our vacation most enjoyable.

Steven K.

I would highly recommend Adrienne! She did a great job helping us plan our honeymoon.



I have to give you a great big THANK YOU for helping my husband and I on our recent trip to Italy. You arranged the car rental in Rome and it went perfectly (usually not the case in Italy). The hotel experiences in Como, Milan and Rome were terrific. In the past we have made these reservations ourselves but you made making them so beautifully simple for us. What a life saver and how well it went!!

We look forward to working with you soon.

Thank you again so much.


Claire D.

Adrienne is just the best and she truly made our wedding a stress free magical event. I would give her the highest possible recommendation.



So obviously by looking at my story for the last couple days I’m sure everybody knows that Jackie and I were at amazing vacation at The Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres Mexico. No pictures or video could really show how amazing this place is. A perfect retreat for adults to get away without the kiddos.

Most importantly. I want to give a HUGE shout out to a few people that helped make it happen.

First, John Farley Sr and Mary C. Farley The best in-laws a person could ever have. Thank you so much for watching the girls.

Ken Feinman and Sarinia Michaelson Feinman for being so well-traveled and knowing exactly where we need to go. Probably the best recommendation we’ve ever gotten and Finally, Kiley Wayns at Rubinsohn Travel. I threw this at you last minute and asked for you to help me make one of a kind experience birthday for my amazing bride. Because of Kiley, The experience was taken to a whole new level.

Sadly back to 25° weather but a memory that neither one of us will forget anytime soon. It’s going to be impossible to go on vacation for the rest of our lives But it was well worth it.

PS. If you’re lucky enough to go and have a dinner on the beach for two, Fernando Lopez de Apostoleanu is probably the best server I have ever encountered.

Adam B.

Very flexible. Most emails and questions were answered within hours of asking. It was nice being able to book flights, cruise, and excursions in one place. When we forgot to complete a step friendly reminders were sent to keep us on track. We spent very little of our own time as she did almost all of the work for us! Ship and flights we exactly what we wanted. Very pleased.



Just returned from England and our 20th Anniversary trip. It was the trip of a lifetime and wouldn't have been possible without the assistance, guidance and recommendations of Amy Rubinsohn at Rubinsohn Travel. We had a blast! Thanks Amy!

Rosemary P.

Our tour guide and bus driver were exceptional. We all felt so fortunate to have been paired with them and Adrienne handled every situation with dignity and grace. On a personal note I find relaxing into a situation very hard. I was immediately put at ease with both Adrienne and Chris Stigall. There was a perfect balance struck that made this trip so memorable I am actually considering doing trips more often. The last one before this one was in 2001. I won't be waiting that long for the next on having everything to do with how professionally everything was handled by Adrinne.

My husband and I thank you very much.



Bill Rubinsohn, from our wonderful honeymoon and many other trips to emergency trips due to family medical circumstances to my botching up dates and arrangements, you simply make everything work. You make magic happen! Thank you!

Lisa R.

For all you travelers out there, you simply must use my fabulous travel agent, Adrienne, who is our Guardian Angel. She saw the picture of the room I posted last night and realized it was not the room she booked for us. She subsequently contacted the hotel, got us upgraded to the right room, and got our room for last night - which was a lovely room! - refunded completely. Amazing!

And this is not a one -time experience. Last year when we traveled to Ireland, our flight out of Charlotte was late and we were going to miss our connection in England on to Ireland. Before the airport had even posted the flight changes, I had a text message from Adrienne that she had already rebooked us on the next flight from London to Dublin - and this was all after hours on a Friday night. Adrienne is, as Taylor says, the Bomb!

Taylor's Mom!

We used Ms. Sasson for a destination wedding. Would recommend.


Thanks Adrienne, and Cindy and I had a totally fabulous trip to Cancun!!!!!


We are the WORST for not emailing you sooner. We got right back into working when we got home it totally slipped my mind.

We had an amazing time, you really outdid yourself with all the accommodations you booked for us.

The resort was AMAZING. The food was great, our room was in the perfect spot, and having the pool out back was a huge plus. Our concierge was incredibly helpful and made the covid process super easy for us.

Our excursion was incredible too! We had such a great time. We left multiple positive reviews on various platforms for our stay and we'd love to leave one for your company and you especially wherever you suggest.

I included some pictures if you'd like to share them with any of your clients interested in the resort. We look forward to booking with you again for our next vacation!!

Thanks so much,


Just letting you know the hotel you reserved for me in Amsterdam was PERFECT. Great location to my girlfriend staying at the Movenpick and everything old city central. It was a very vanilla hotel very clean with lovely staff. The rooms each came with a smart phone for you to use with directions preloaded to all attractions, food, etc. I never used my phone because everything was free on the phone the hotel supplied.

Thank you again for your help making this trip a success. I LOVED Amsterdam and will go back to see the countryside, something I didn't do on this trip.


I went through Adrienne Sasson at Rubinsohn Travel for my Wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Honeymoon in Montego Bay. I was hesitant at first because this was all done through email, and I have never met Adrienne face to face. Our outcome: Everything was beautiful and totally beyond our expectations. I am extremely pleased with their services! 33 members of my family traveled with us for the wedding. Everyone enjoyed their stay. I was told by several that it was the best trip that they have ever taken. Everything went smoothly and stress free. We have used Adrienne since and we always receive top notch service. We have also referred her and this company to many.


My fiancé and I were overwhelmed with all of the choices and details that needed to be taken care of for our destination wedding. Adrienne was extremely helpful in providing us resort options that met our wants and needs. She was responsive and always readily available for any questions we had. We were relaxed knowing she was taking care of our guests' travel arrangements and communicating with the hotel. Our wedding was amazing and upon our return, Adrienne was prompt to follow-up to ensure all went well and to congratulate us. We were very pleased with her services and couldn't have asked for a better travel planner.


I was very pleased with the services of agent Adrienne Sasson. She was incredibly helpful! I had never even flown before, so I had lots of questions. She answered them all promptly and helped me prepare for my trip. She recommended a fabulous all-inclusive resort with a spa program-- The Body Holiday at LeSport. I had a wonderful trip, due in large part to the helpfulness of Adrienne making all arrangements beforehand. Thanks!


My experience working with Adrienne Sasson was wonderful. The one thing about working with Adrienne was she was always available and willing and very knowledgeable. My husband and I ran into a pinch because he did not have his passport and she was extremely helpful in working out the situation for us. She immediately went into action and had results by the time the next flight was scheduled. She was also very knowledgeable about Jamaica. Our entire group would use Adrienne again when booking a vacation. Our experience in Jamaica was wonderful! Her recommendations were wonderful. We would refer Adrienne to all of our friends.


Adrienne was a great help in planning our honeymoon! She was always available when we needed her assistance. We appreciate all her help, and her knowledge of Jamaica.


Adrienne was wonderful! My mother and I were extremely happy with the service we received. We had many questions and Adrienne was very helpful. We now have the vacation of our dreams to look forward to! We also have a travel agent for life!


We couldn't have chosen a better Agency. Adrienne was fantastic. She knew the answer to every question we had in a very professional and caring manner. She was to the point and definitely helped us book our dream vacation. We will be booking again very soon. Thank you so much. You know she even called the resort and told them it was my Birthday!!! Thank you Adrienne and thank you Rubinsohn Travel.


Very helpful agent - Adrienne Sasson was resourceful and flexible in finding a vacation that fit all of our parameters. Will work with her again.


The service, attention to our unique needs, and knowledge of the places that we were travelling were all outstanding.


Adrienne made mine and my daughter first time travel wonderful and easy.