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Monday, 18 September 2023 12:18

Maui Update

image003I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to provide you with an update regarding Maui, which has recently faced the challenges of the devastating Lahaina fires. Having personally traveled there last week for the Signature Owners Conference, I can confidently share that the island is ready to welcome travelers.

My visit allowed me to witness firsthand the resilience of the local community and the determination to restore their island to its former glory. I am pleased to report that all essential services are fully operational, including cell service, electricity, WIFI and staffing. The local hotels are providing exceptional services, ensuring that all travelers will have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Right now, the area around Lahaina is not accessible but by October 8th the entire island except the Lahaina area will be back open. The area of Wailea was not impacted by the fires and is where we stayed last week.
During my visit, I had the privilege of speaking with many locals who expressed their eagerness to welcome tourists back to Maui. They emphasized the importance of travelers to their economy and their livelihoods. The warmth and hospitality of the community remain as vibrant as ever, and they are excited to share their island's beauty with visitors once again.

As always, I recommend travelers to visit Maui. It is not only timely but also incredibly impactful. By choosing Maui for your next vacation, you will not only have a memorable experience but also contribute to the island's recovery and growth.

Let's do all we can to bring back to Maui the helping hand to let it heal and flourish.

I hope this firsthand experience helps assuage any future traveler’s doubts.

My best to all.

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