5 Hacks to Travel Stress-Free

Wednesday, 29 May 2019 Written by Rubinsohn Travel
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As wonderful as travel can be, we all know there are some headaches associated with it. Luckily, we are the travel pros and have the secret hacks that will get you through your vacation. These tips will save you time, energy and most importantly, money. Below are 5 travel tips from Rubinsohn Travel.

Invest in a travel credit card for points and perks

The reality of it is that it is basically free money you’re earning on purchases that you’re already making. Whether this is shopping for groceries or going out to a romantic dinner, and even when you’re traveling. Once you begin accumulating points, they can pay for flights and luxury hotels. So if you’re a travel lover and do not have a travel card, this is your time.

Plan entertainment for the plane

We have all been on a flight where the Wi-Fi is not working or there are movies playing that you are not interested in. Avoid this by bringing your own form of entertainment. You can pre-download podcast, TV shows and music directly to your smartphone or computer. If you do this, you will not need to rely on the Wi-Fi. By distracting yourself with something you are engaged in, it will make the flight go faster too!

Prepare your body for calmness

Since travel is many times a stressful experience for most people, it is essential to physically prepare your body to handle it best. Caffeine and sugar can cause irritability, so cutting back on these items 24-48 hours before a flight can combat stress. Magnesium supplements calm the nervous system and balance out your body. Whether you choose to take a supplement or a natural drink that contains magnesium, the results will keep you calm in the most natural way.

Communicate with ease

Technology is your friend on vacation to a foreign country! Google Translate, offers online features through the application. Users are able to select a language and pre-download it to their smartphone so there is no need for Wi-Fi if you’re traveling in an area where there is no cellular service. This is not the only feature, users can take pictures of street signs, menus and anything around you, then the application will instantly translate at the touch of a button.

Make scans of documents

This is a common error that new travelers can make and it is totally avoidable. The most stressful part of travel are the worse-case scenarios that spin around in your head, like getting your passport or wallet stolen or lost. Before you leave for your vacation, make copies of all your important documents, including your passport and ID.

We hope these travel tips help ease your travel anxieties. Contact Rubinsohn Travel for all your travel needs.