6 Best Bars to Visit in Toronto

Wednesday, 10 July 2019 Written by Rubinsohn Travel
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With summer in full swing, our Canadian neighbors to the North are taking to the bars! They are experiencing an exciting nightlife with a thirst the Great Lakes can’t even quench. In this week’s blog, we are featuring the hotspots in Toronto where the locals can get their drink on, day or night! Now, you can too. Rubinsohn Travel has hand-picked the best spots for you to join them. 

The Porch

The Porch is a local favorite and one of the more bustling bars on the list. It will make a great first start on your nightlife journey here in Toronto. Being a rooftop bar, located right in the city’s entertainment district, it offers an unmatched view of the city. People come for the ice-cold beer and refreshing margaritas that are uniquely served in buckets, but stay for the view! If you like getting an early start on the day, The Porch is brunch-goer friendly! We suggest The Porch Breakfast spread; the go-to choice for many locals. No matter if you are going on a sunny day or a warm summer night, you will always find good times and good vibes here! 

Sneaky Dee’s

With their walls covered in graffiti, Sneaky Dee’s offers a unique environment for their patrons. This is a perfect spot for the low-key bar hopper. This place is known for their cheap eats and insanely delicious nachos—no seriously, the nachos are that noteworthy, ask any local! Their food is traditional Tex-Mex cuisine, the perfect blend of Texan and Mexican inspiration. Despite being miles away from either region, Sneaky Dee’s hits it out of the park! From their fajitas to their quesadillas, you can’t go wrong. All of their ingredients are locally sourced, except for their avocados and tomatoes, giving you a true taste of the city. For the music buffs, many of Toronto’s respected indie bands got their start here. Stop in, and you might see the city’s next big talent performing.


Looking for a more upscale Toronto bar experience? Look no further than the luxurious Lavelle. The second rooftop bar on the list offers true decadence in food, atmosphere, and drink! Cocktails, like the Bad & Boujee and Violet Vibe, will get you in the mood for one of their Wagyu Meat Burgers with garlic aioli fries. The upscale experience doesn’t stop there, because when you are done with your drinks and top-notch bar food, you can head to their pool. Yup, that’s right!—because what rooftop bar would be complete without a rooftop pool??? They invite you to escape the city heat by relaxing poolside, or in a private cabana, sipping cocktails . Lavelle will make you feel a part of Toronto’s elite, a must visit for any bar-goers with a taste for the finer things!


Head to Chinatown to find a bar that feels like home. At Farside, if you aren’t taking a seat at the bartop, you’ll be sitting in what feels like your dad’s favorite armchair. Their zany, mismatched, furniture is found all over their lounge areas. Frequent patrons to the bar enjoy calling it “the home away from home.” If you are traveling solo, or with a group of people, they got something here for you. Into cheap domestic beer? Check! Wanna try some rare Ontario ciders or IPAs? They got it! Enjoy the novelty shot scene? They offer some of the best! Everyone will be able to find their drink of choice here. Farside plans a multitude of events, and entertainment, throughout each month, for its patrons to attend. Movie, game, or trivia nights, they got it all covered. This living-room style bar is perfect for a night of drinking and lounging!

Grey Gardens

For all the wine lovers out there, any Toronto native will send you straight to Grey Gardens. The place itself is a restaurant that is well known for its Wine Bar. If you think yourself a wine connoisseur, then this place comes highly recommended. They do have a small beer and cider list, but if you want to seem like a true Toronto insider, ask for their secret sake menu! Wine and sake aside, this place has an intoxicating atmosphere. Everyone in Grey Gardens, from the staff to the patrons, are among the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Don’t be surprised if you walk out of there with some new friends!

The Cloak 

Okay, so it’s time you’re let in on a little secret. Make your way to Marben Restaurant, on Wellington Street West. Enter, then in between the restaurant’s bar and its kitchen, there is a narrow hallway that leads to a velvet curtain. Behind that curtain is a stairwell that leads down to one of Toronto’s hidden bar-gems, The Cloak. Shhh! Only a handful of Toronto natives know, now you do too! Why not join them? If you are a seeker of hidden/secret bars, add this one to your list. Located below Marben Restaurant, this speakeasy-style bar serves out of this world cocktails, and the finest scotch in town!

Hurry! These bars aren’t going to visit themselves. Toronto is waiting for you! Book with Rubinsohn Travel today!