An Interview with Rubinsohn Travel specialist, Adrienne

Wednesday, 15 May 2019 Written by Rubinsohn Travel
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Hello everyone, my name is Adrienne and I have been working for Rubinsohn Travel for almost 16 years. Recently, I was interviewed about my experience as a travel agent and wanted to share!

Q: What is your educational background and when did your travels begin?

A: I grew up in a business oriented family and received a degree from Temple with a BBA  and a concentration in marketing and management. This was a major accomplishment and I found that I had a variety of career options with my degree.

Personally, my travel began as a child with car trips from Philadelphia to Florida to visit my family. As a teenager, my family and I explored Disney World in 1971. I took my first international trip when I was 16 years old to Spain and I was hooked! At 19 years old, I traveled to Israel for the first time. For myself, traveling is much more than just seeing places, it is getting to know the history, culture, and marveling at all of the architecture.

Q: How did you get interested in the travel industry?

A: I got involved in the travel industry by accident in 1996. Although I always enjoyed traveling, I knew nothing about the industry itself. One of my close friends who was opening a travel office, asked for my assistance and as I helped her, I gained knowledge about the industry. As the years went on, I found myself enjoying the business. I began taking seminars, tourism courses and traveled to many places which offered first-hand experience. Unfortunately, my friend’s office closed. Then, I was referred to Rubinsohn Travel in 2003 by a supplier representative, and this is when my journey began.

Q: If you had to select your favorite travel destination, where would it be?

A: Israel will always be my highlight trip. It is a country that has become my second home. Whenever I speak to my clients, I always tell them how Israel will capture their heart. For myself, it is more than a spiritual awakening, there are many activities and sites to see. My second favorite is Tanzania and the Great Migration. I enjoy taking a safari when I visit the continent because I have always been an animal lover. I enjoy waking up pre-dawn and exploring the bush in an open jeep, as the animal kingdom awakes is exhilarating. Few journeys can compare!

Q: What was the last trip that you took?

A: The last trip that I took was to Croatia. It is one of the most charming countries I have visited. The people are so warm and welcoming, the nature and Adriatic Sea is breathtaking, and the food is delicious and fusions of different Mediterranean countries.

Q: If you had to set one travel goal what would it be?

A: One of my travel goals is to visit Nepal and Bhutan. Having been in India, it seems almost natural. Coming up next in May is Alaska, the inside passage. March 2020 will be Israel leading a group and May 2020 I will be traveling back to South Africa with an Emmy award winning photographer.

Q: What makes you enjoy travel and want to continue doing it?

A: Each place I visit I meet new people, learn more about their cultures and history. Additionally, the beauty and special ambiance is something that destination offers. Whether it is the nature, architecture or the food. I have grown to love photography, so almost anything can compose an amazing picture. Finally, the best part is that I get to share the information and memories with family, friends and clients!

Q: If you had to give “travel tips” to new travelers, what would that advice be?

A: New adventures can be exciting when planned the right way!  My number one piece of advice, don’t be cheap with your vacation. Consider your budget before you begin your search. Make sure you plan reasonably. If you live on the east coast, don’t expect to fly to Hawaii for 5 nights. Travelers can avoid bad experiences many times by doing some research and building the proper expectations. Just because a family member or best friend had the time of their lives on their last vacation, their tastes may not fit yours. The top suggestion on my list is to speak with a professional travel advisor, someone who does this full time, not as a hobby or something to ‘earn extra money.’ This gives the client the time to ask questions. One of the ways I remain successful is I know my travel partners. They need to be well vetted, insured and members of select travel industry organizations.