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Wednesday, 20 June 2018 Written by Rubinsohn Travel
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London, England is the perfect destination for anytime of the year, but especially in the Fall. If you’re an Eagles fan and are already planning your trip to catch the game in October, we have some recommended pubs where you can celebrate the win. Many tourists make sure to have high tea, try fish and chips, and set out on multiple walking tours. But what most people forget to do is experience the culture of pubs which is one of a kind to London. Visiting local pubs to test out different beers and ales is an absolute must! Sifting through the countless options can be a bit daunting, but Rubinsohn Travel is here and we have you covered with our top 5 best pubs in London.

The Star Tavern

Located in Belgravia, The Star Tavern holds a strong history having been built during the early 19th century. Well known visitors including Peter O’Toole and Alexander Korda walked through their very doors. Besides the celebrity appearances, it is known for housing the Great Train Robbers who devised their plan to attack the Mail Service in 1963. Now, the tavern is a reputable pub with a wide range of Fuller’s beer including their seasonal, ESB and London Pride. Not into beer? Don’t worry, the tavern offers a wide selection of 21 single malt whiskies

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

Everyone should pay a visit to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, as it is considered the cream of the crop when it comes to London pubs. Most noted for its affordable food and drink, this pub is excellent if you’re on a budget. There is a total of six drinking rooms, with plenty of space to bring your friends and family. If that is too overwhelming, the pub has a cozy front bar with a candlelit fireplace. Try out Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Bitter which is their regular beer served on tap.

The Lamb & Flag

Tucked in an alleyway of Covent Garden, this pub has been maintained since Charles Dickens and some of London’s greatest writers drank at the bar. Because it is slightly hidden away, it isn’t so touristy which makes it perfect to escape for the night. Wooden panels cover most of the main room making it an appealing spot for a drink. The Lamb & Flag delivers frequent entertainment and holds a hefty collection of notable ales. Although, it is well worth the visit, make sure to secure a seat ahead of time, since it gets very packed after work hours.

The Mayflower

Do you want to look over The River Thames on a terrace with a pint in your hand? If you answered yes, then The Mayflower is the pub for you. This is a quintessential English pub, known for being the oldest on the Thames. Inside features ancient church pews, an open blazing fire, and a rich collection of ales. Their most notable beverage is their house beer named “Scurvy.” This is the perfect spot to grab a beer after the Eagles game.

The French House

This Soho pub played a massive historical role during the Second World War, when it was used as a meeting place for people of the French Resistance. This piece of history coupled with delicious beer and food attracts many. The French House is known for its peculiar tradition that includes: food only served at lunchtime, beer only served in half pints, and no mobile phones allowed. As a result, the atmosphere is cozy and eclectic, perfect for an escape from the daily work grind! Unique to the rest of the bars, The French House is celebrated for its delicious wine and champagne that make up most of the drink list.

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