Florida Favorites

Wednesday, 29 January 2020 Written by Rubinsohn Travel
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As one of the top vacation destinations in the country, Florida offers so many options that it’s hard to narrow it down to your favorite spot! Luckily, we’ve done most of the work for you. Check out our top three unique vacation destinations in the Sunshine State to help you choose!

#1 Anna Maria Island

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Explore local shops, eateries, and galleries on Pine Avenue on the beautiful coastal Island, Anna Maria. The Island is packed full of rich history and culture and offers unique art and jewelry around every corner. From captivating sunset dolphin tours to the can’t-miss Manatee Beach Park, Anna Maria is a delightful and elegant vacation spot that the whole family will enjoy.

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#2 Palm Beach

Feeling fancy? Palm Beach is known for its glitzy estates and beaches and lavish upscale boutiques, restaurants, and galleries. Treat yourself this summer to a glamorous yet relaxing Southern Florida escape. Besides the gorgeous clean beaches, there is so much to do on Palm Beach including anything from checking out local art and antique furnishings, to the entertaining Land and Lagoon tour. There is not a worry in the world at Palm Beach!

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#3 Orlando

We couldn’t forget the ever-so-popular Orlando, Florida. Though Orlando is a hot-spot in Florida, there are many things that are overlooked. Aside from the infamous Universal and Disney, visitors can check out the largest skeleton museum in the country that contains hundreds of skulls and bones of over 500 different animals. From paddleboarding to balloon rides, Orlando offers so many unique experiences that the family will love.

Whichever Florida destination you choose, Rubinsohn Travel wants to make sure that it’s the most memorable vacation of your life. Let us know when you’re ready to start planning!