How to Treat Yourself to A Weekend Getaway While on a Budget

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 Written by Rubinsohn Travel
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Everyone has a bucket list full of travel destinations they hope to visit at some point in their lives. We do our best to save money, maybe start a travel fund, but often find it going towards bills and dues that are more important than a vacation. But what if we told you that there was a way for you to fulfill your travel dreams and not break the bank? It’s certainly possible to travel on a budget, and Rubinsohn Travel is here to give you our personal tips and tricks on how to do it!

Tip #1: Research, research, research!

Nothing will make you feel as though you have wasted money more than planning a trip only to discover your hotel isn’t like the one in the pictures, or the destination you picked is rainy during your visit. That’s why we stress the importance of researching with Rubinsohn Travel! When you visit, we will assist in finding hotels and resorts that match your interests, and make sure you are visiting during a premier time of year. No one wants to be in stuck in their hotel room during vacation! After you consult with Rubinsohn Travel, we will ensure that you are receiving the right information, with the best perks and amenities, and help you plan your trip. While our purpose is to ease planning for you, researching the cost of any activity during your trip is important. You know you best, so whether you’re planning excursions to shopping trips or restaurants to dine out at, be sure to do your research! Make a spreadsheet of everything you plan to do with the cost of each activity to help better understand how much money you’ll be spending!

Tip #2: Avoid Tourist Season

You can save more money than you think by avoiding traveling during the tourist seasons! Tourist season is typically during holiday breaks, and when school is out of session. By planning your trips at other times of the year, you can avoid spending more money on flights and other accommodations, and also avoid long lines and crowds! Consider traveling early in the year or during the off-season. Looking for a tropical getaway? Avoid January and February, as these tend to be the months when people want to get away from the cold the most.

Tip #3: Use Public Transit

Public transit tends to be the cheapest option of transportation no matter where you go, so use it to your advantage! Subways and buses are your best bet with weekly and daily ticket options. Consider car-pooling or splitting the cost of transportation with your fellow travelers to get the best deal possible!

Tip #4: Eat Like a Local!

While it’s nice to try different restaurants in different destinations, the cost of eating out can add up very quickly. Try eating where the locals eat at lesser-known – probably amazing—restaurants! These restaurants tend to feature authentic local food at reasonable prices. By eating at local spots, you will also avoid any tourist traps that many often find themselves in. Another option is to eat breakfast at your hotel or resort. Many resorts offer a complimentary breakfast and/or lunch for guests that is typically included in lodging fee!

Now that we’ve shared our tips on how to travel on a budget, it’s time for you to take advantage of this new knowledge! Call us at (215)-886-5200 to book your getaway today!