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New Year’s Eve is a universal holiday that folks across the world celebrate together. There are a plethora of big bashes and local traditions that are unique to each city across the globe. Let’s take a quick trip around the world and see what some of the most famous cities have to offer, and how they’re celebrating the beginning of 2018.

New York, New York

The most renowned celebration in the United States is in the Big Apple. Are you even surprised? Times Square – New York’s busiest attraction at all times of the year – is a global legend. Thousands of people gather together from around the world to catch a glimpse of the sparkly, lit sphere drop as the clock strikes midnight. With events for all budgets, and ages and tastes, you are sure to find the perfect New York City New Years experience for you and your loved ones. Located on the roof of One Times Square, the Ball Drop is the most prominent New Year’s Eve tradition. With live entertainment, including performances by your favorite artists and musicians, NYC will not disappoint.

Madrid, Spain

Folks in Spain squeeze into the overcrowded Puerta del Sol Square and anticipate the surface of the New Year. Puerto del Sol is Madrid’s most famous and most central square. Originally, it was the site of the site of the city’s gates, but over time it has become the central place to gather. When the clock tower chimes 12 in the center of the square, attendees swallow 12 lucky grapes and shout “Feliz Año Nuevo,” which translates to “Happy New Year.” For most, New Year’s Eve is spent in the comfort of one’s own home. Following a large feast, families gather around their living room televisions and swallow their lucky grapes in unison. Bottles of cava are uncorked and everyone toasts to a happy and healthy new year.

Tokyo, Japan

Don’t expect massive parties or fireworks displays when spending New Years in Tokyo. Tokyo chooses to celebrate with a more introspective vibe and stays loyal to their traditions. Residents will spend the early evening with loved ones, enjoying buckwheat noodles, prior to heading out to pay their first shrine or temple visit of the year. Here, they pray for good fortune, and buy 12 lucky charms for the months ahead.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney relishes in being the first city in the world to ring in the New Year. Always attempting to out-do itself, Sydney presents its annual fireworks display on the harbor. At the stroke of midnight, Australians celebrate the start of the new year in fashion. The 12-minute display features a range of pyrotechnic effects launched from firing points on the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and the famous Sydney Opera House. Other families use the New Year as a good excuse to stay in, cook a delicious meal, and enjoy the quality time spent with their loved ones. A televised test run of the fireworks show is presented at 9:00 p.m. for those who prefer being nestled in bed before midnight.

Rome, Italy

If you’re looking for a unique place to ring in the New Year, Rome is the place to go. The celebrations are very sentimental and provide a touch of history. Tourists and natives gather in the Colosseum to enjoy spectacular fireworks displays and musical performances that bring the venue to life. Along with the Colosseum, Rome’s famous monuments and statues are incorporated into the Colosseum’s magnificent fireworks display, allowing viewers to enjoy the show with a backdrop of some of the most beautiful structures in the world.

There are New Year traditions that are both unique to specific countries, and universal across the globe. Consider experiencing this holiday in a different atmosphere, and let Rubinsohn Travel assist in selecting the perfect place for you. Give us a call at (215)-886-5200, and we will start booking your vacation right away!

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