Solving Vacation Preparation, One Guide at a Time

Wednesday, 14 November 2018 Written by Rubinsohn Travel
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Booking a much-needed vacation is always an exciting feat! Here at Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200, we offer vacation options that can take you anywhere you’d like! We plan and prepare you for your trip to make life as easy as possible. But, we also know that with the excitement and even our vacation planning, comes the stress of packing. Deciding what you need to buy or bring for your particular destination is not an easy job. Especially with the 50lb limit to suitcases when flying, or if you only want to bring a carry-on bag!

To combat this stress, we want to help you by giving you our favorite packing tips and essentials!

First off, your packing needs depend on where you plan on traveling. Our first tip then is to always look up the weather patterns of your destination for the time frame you will be there! Another tip we like to use is actually look up reviews by just typing “weather reviews (place you’re going).” This can help you get a better picture of what it is like overall in a certain month. If you aren’t so into searching, you can call up Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 and we can tell you!

Our second tip is remembering the essentials! This can range from toiletries to the basic clothes and accessories you need to pack. We decided to compile three short lists for you with the absolute necessities! List 1 contains 5 items many people often overlook while packing, but use on a day-to-day basis. List 2 contains 5 essentials for cold weather destinations. List 3 contains 5 essentials for warm weather destinations. We even linked some of our favorite brands so you don’t have to find them on your own!

List 1, The Necessities:

  • Phone charger
  • Toothbrush / toothpaste
  • Skin care product
  • Prescriptions or any medicine you take
  • Hand sanitizer

List 2, Cold Weather:

List 3, Warm Weather:

Our third tip to make packing easier is to break each day down by your itinerary, and base what you need off of that. We will help you plan your days down to the specific details if that is what you want! If you’re a traveler who doesn’t always stick to a set itinerary then we have that covered too! We can give you a broad range of what places to visit and experience so you can gauge what you might want to do.

Don’t let the trip preparation scare you! Rubinsohn Travel  (215) 886-5200 is here to guide you in the right direction to your destination.