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Wednesday, 25 April 2018 Written by Rubinsohn Travel
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Within the past few years, the term “speakeasy” has become a universal term after those in the service industry discovered that people would pay $14 for a swanky cocktail. The catch? It has to be served in a bar that you need an ever-changing password to enter, or you have to pass through a secret staircase to get there. Everyone deserves the chance to sit back, relax, and sip on handcrafted drinks while on vacation. From creative entrances, dignified cocktails, and the experience of it all – speakeasies certainly allow you to feel sophisticated from time to time. The folks at Rubinsohn Travel put together a list of our favorite and the (best) secret bars around the world that are definitely worth the visit!

Ladies & Gents

United Kingdom

At first glance, Ladies & Gents appears to be located inside a public restroom, which is inevitably on the stranger side of things. However, the speakeasy was created by one of the most well-known spirit makers in the world, William Borrell. Guests enter through a repurposed Victorian public restroom to sip on some of London’s finest cocktails. The lowkey spot uses locally sourced ingredients, such as fresh fruits gathered from Hampstead Heath allotments, and syrups from Kentish Town honey. Despite its out-of-the-ordinary entrance, the interior contains the standard speakeasy components like a glum ambiance, constantly moving bartenders, and more or less – bougie crowds. Normally, it’s a problem if you’re drinking in public restrooms, but at Ladies & Gents, you’re just another guest.

28 HongKong Street


Known as one of the best cocktail bars in Asia, 28 HongKong Street is a taste of classic but modern in the middle of downtown Singapore. The cocktail list was created by the internationally renowned bartender, Logan Demmy, who exhibited a Western feel to match its dark ambient lighting. The low-lit booth-style seating and jazz impression immediately invites you to relax with a drink in hand. Year after year, 28 HongKong Street continues to impress locals and traveler’s alike, with its mix of no-nonsense classic cocktails to its subtle twists. Try one of their Tiki-themed inspired cocktails or keep it simple with an Old Fashioned. Unlike the traditional trimmings of secret bars with complex mixology, 28 HongKong Street is legendary for its cordiality and top-notch experience.

Le Syndicat

Paris, France

Step right up to this French speakeasy that is carefully hidden behind a graffiti and poster-covered wall. With a cozy room decorated with spotlights and low ceilings, the ambiance in Le Syndicat makes you feel as though you are a part of a secret underground group. However, radical underground societies don’t typically have delectable cocktails. The Goldenight is a favorite among visitors, as it is a mixture of the finest Cognac, Liquer de Tabac, and absinthe. Le Syndicat is also known for creating incredibly layered cocktails that almost seems to have an underground plot to take over your taste buds.

Buck and Breck

Berlin, Germany

Nestled behind a rundown door in downtown Berlin, Buck and Breck is an exclusive speakeasy, recognized for its dry gin, whiskey, and brandy-based cocktails. Buck and Breck seats 30 people and is carefully located between a local police station and a restaurant. The neon sign glisten’s that the trendy spot is closed, but this is how they tell you they are actually open for business! The interior space is minimalistic, and the only furniture consists of a rectangular bar and accompanying stools. The bartenders are trained to create and cater cocktails to a guests personal tastes, so go in with an open-mind and be clear of what you like.

Bank Bar

Manila, Philippines

If you ever told us that you have to go through a 7-Eleven to get to a bar, we probably wouldn’t believe you. However, in order to get to Bank Bar – that’s exactly what you need to do. Located in Manila’s Fort District, Bank Bar is one of the best and most balanced bars in Southeast Asia. The interior makes you feel as though you are a part of a burlesque scene, as the surrounding velvet and marble give off a decadent vibe with a surprisingly more than relaxed crowd.  On some nights, Bank Bar also hosts an in-house DJ, and opens up the cigar bar in the back. The Nutter Club, a crowd favorite, features London dry gin, Angostura bitters, and a meringue made from a lemon-pistachio base. Talk about yum! From the entrance to the drinks, everything about this speakeasy is elaborate and fun, yet accessible to anyone. I mean, you enter through a 7-Eleven – you can’t get more creative than that!

Floreria Atlantico

Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you’re ever wandering through the divine South American city, be sure to stop by Floreria Atlantico for a drink or two. Floreria Atlantico may have one of the most intriguing entrances on this list, as you descend through a refrigerator inside a flower shop. The flower shop also sells wine, which should be the first indication that it isn’t just an ordinary florist. Once inside, guests are greeted with an interior full of mythical sea monsters. The bar features small plates based on eccentric local favorites, and artisanal cocktails to get your taste buds stirring. Floreria Atlantico is one of the nicer bars to post up and spend the night in Buenos Aires, as both natives and visitors tend to flock there for a unique but comforting experience.

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