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Monday, 21 January 2019 Written by Rubinsohn Travel
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Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 has been in business since 1992 but the history of this company goes far beyond that. Before it became Rubinsohn Travel, the Rubinsohn family owneda business named Bartlett Tours Company. Bartlett Tours was founded in 1880 in Philadelphia, and it was the oldest travel agency still in business in the city.  In 1955, the Hanley Rubinsohn purchased Bartlett Tours. 

Bill Rubinsohn, Hanley Rubinsohn’s son purchase the company from his father and his partners in 1986.The Company flourished. Bill expanded the company throughout Philadelphia. This led to thirteen offices,becoming the second largest travel agency in the Delaware Valley.In 1990 he sold the company. 

Bill’s passion for travel pushed him to open a smaller agency in 1992, naming it Rubinsohn Travel. Bill took full charge, and is still president of the company to this day. But what pushed Bill to have such a desire to see the world, and share that experience with others through a travel agency? 

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Bill says that hearing all of his parents’ adventures with guided tour groups, and their experiences around the world is what drew him into the traveling life. While growing up, he was able to have some of these adventures for himself. As a teen, Bill traveled to Italy, Switzerland, France, Holland, and England, with his grandmother. Recalling this trip, Bill says “It was magical: beautiful scenery, wonderful people, incredible history, I was hooked on travel and the experiences I enjoyed.”

From then on out, the rest was history. Bill began mostly by leading escorted tour groups to places such as Hong Kong, Kenya, Japan, England, Italy, Australia, and many other interesting destinations. Once Bill married his wife, Deborah, he began his own personal travel journeys. Bill and Deborah have been on countless adventures together, and have many more planned. 

Reflecting back on his thrilling expeditions, Bill says his all-time favorite trip was when he went rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. The scenery, and tranquil environment put him at ease, while still having that dispersed excitement of white water rafting. 

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His second favorite trip was when he cruised to Antarctica. “There are no words that adequately describe this continent.” said Bill. “The clear skies along the glaciers hold such immense beauty. It is unlike any other vacation experience. And yes, there are many penguins to see, just as one imagines from books and movies.”

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Finally, Bill’s third favorite trip was to Paris, the city of love. The romantic lights on the Eiffel Tower are often what stands out most to visitors. Unlike the majority, Bill found his own favorite parts of the city; the comical signs. 

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As for what’s next, there is no telling for sure. There is always room for bucket list vacations to take place. Bill’s goal destination is the Himalayas in Southeast Asia. He plans to make it to Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet in 2020.

Travel goals are important. To experience new cultures, and meet new people all over the world, gives a traveler a whole different level of value. Don’t let life pass you by without allowing the world to enlighten you, and push you out of your comfort zone. Book your next trip with Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 to gain first-hand knowledge from Bill, and their other well-travelled advisors. They will give you the trip of a lifetime that will fill you with the same passion for travel that Bill Rubinsohn holds close to his heart.