The World’s greatest cities for food

Wednesday, 08 May 2019 Written by Rubinsohn Travel
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In this week’s blog, we are taking you around the world to show you some of the best food cities you must travel to in 2019. Taking a trip is always an adventure but if you’re a foodie like us, then you understand that food can be an exhilarating adventure too. No matter where you travel, you are going to eat, and Rubinsohn Travel wants to make sure you’re eating the best! So, let your taste buds run wild and check out our bucket-list worthy cities.

Tokyo, Japan

When it comes to globally recognized food, one city is honored for their quality cuisine. The Japanese capital boasts more than 226 Michelin star restaurants and every loyal foodie knows that Michelin star restaurants are the best in the world. Tokyo is much more than sushi rolls and gyoza, the dining options are extremely diverse throughout the city. One of the most recognized restaurants is, Ginza Kojyu, which mixes traditional Japanese cuisine with creative seasonal delights. Located on the fourth floor of an office building Ginza Kojyu appears to be in an unlikely location but once visitors enter, they will be captivated by a Zen-like dining experience.

New York, New York

Just a quick train ride away from Philadelphia, New York City is always featuring innovative cuisine. More than eight million people call New York City home and the diverse food market reflects just that. It is easy to get overwhelmed in the Big Apple, from mom and pop shops to upscale dining there will never be a shortage of options. The list of must-try restaurants is always changing, but if you plan your reservations in advance, Eleven at Madison Square Park, Scarpetta and Le Bernadin will satisfy your food fancy. When the weather warms up, NYC boasts many rooftop bars, such as, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, which features picturesque skyline views of the city.

Tel Aviv, Israel

For foodies like us, Tel Aviv is an overwhelming paradise of medditerrian restaurants and has built itself a reputation as a leading center for gourmet cuisine. As Tel Aviv is located on the beach, the city has many ocean-fresh seafood restaurants that mix traditional with contemporary. Located right along the coast, Shila, is an upscale family-run restaurant that serves locally sourced meats and seafood. Celebrity chef, Sharon Cohen, has created a full menu of unique cuisine that has visitors flocking. Tel Aviv is quickly becoming one of the most exciting dining scenes throughout Israel and the world.

Naples, Italy

The land of pizza. Count us in! Pizza was first invented in Naples and has become an iconic food staple around the world. So, why not try it in the most authentic place possible? The pizza here has a delicious thick crust opposed to thin and crispy Roman style. Although Naples is the birthplace of pizza, once you head to the south, pasta, olive oil and fish are featured in every menu. No matter where you are here, you will never complain about your meals in Naples.

So are you ready to travel the world and visit all of these must-eat destinations? Rubinsohn Travel is ready to start planning your next visit to indulge in delicious food.