Want to be the World’s Savviest Traveler? Here is the Ultimate List

Wednesday, 01 May 2019 Written by Rubinsohn Travel
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Most people aren’t born savvy travelers. Travel Savviness is a process of trial and error. However Rubinsohn Travel wants to speed up the learning process and help you avoid common travel mistakes. These traveling tips will not only give you a more stress-free vacation but also allow you to move around your destination more seamlessly.

Always Make Photocopies of Important Documents

As a traveler you never know when you might need some documentation. Some people worry about carrying original copies, fearing that they might get lost in translation. If you are someone who likes to save paper and know you will have access to wi-fi, then sending yourself an email copy can be another alternative.

Additionally, when traveling abroad it is important to have a safe place for your passport in case it gets stolen or misplaced. Before your trip, photocopy the passport because if it gets stolen this will make filing a police report simpler.

Ask the Locals

Don’t be afraid to connect with someone who knows the area. They are your best resource for finding less “touristy” cuisine. If you put your guard up, you might miss out on a great opportunity to try some delicious food and experiences.

Some people might feel uncomfortable connecting with a stranger and asking for suggestions. However, if this is you, don’t be afraid! Hotel staff can also assist in every travel need. They tend to be locals so they will have a good understanding of the city. Even if you are not staying at that hotel, just stop in and ask for some help. They will usually point you in the right direction.

Carry a Basic First-Aid Kit

You never know when accidents will happen so it is better to be prepared for those minor scrapes and falls. Purchase a kit that has band-aids, antibacterial cream and ointments to avoid paying higher prices when traveling. Just slip the kit into your small purse or backpack and you can thank us later.

Always Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is something you should always purchase as a traveler that you never want to use. However, spending those dollars can save you hundreds if something goes unexpectedly wrong. We know it seems like it is just one more expense but it will cover everything from missed connections to you getting sick or injured it is always a good fallback option.

Pre-plan Your Outfits

We know this can be a hassle but it will save your time and stress when you are actually on vacation. For all those last minute travelers, this will be even more helpful. By packing outfits together in your suitcase this makes for an easy grab and go. If you have enough time before traveling, take pictures of yourself in each outfit so you can easily scroll back and remember how you intended to dress.

Use your new travel tips to plan your next trip by us at Rubinsohn Travel. Call us at (215) 886-5200. We can’t wait to help plan your next vacation!