What to Know and Where to Go with Your Pets!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018 Written by Rubinshon Travel
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Tips Before You Travel with Your Pet

 1. Pet Identification

It is essential to provide your pets with accurate identification tags before you set out on your next adventure. This way, if you ever get separated from your furry friend, they will more likely be found and returned to you. Another option is getting permanent identification, which you can discuss with your veterinarian. Your pet can be fitted with a microchip which provides an ID number that gets scanned if your pet is lost. You can also have your pet tattooed with the National Dog Registry.

2. Be Vigilant

You never quite know how your pet will react when traveling, especially for their first time! Pets can be easily startled by certain noises or unfamiliar smells, which can cause them to harm themselves or you. For example, cats may seek shelter under your legs while you’re driving or dogs may smell something outside of a car window and decide to jump out. Make sure your pet is secure at all times by keeping them in a crate. We recommend plastic carriers as the best travel crate since they are safe for various modes of travel.

3. Over Prepare

It’s always better to be over prepared than under prepared when it comes to traveling with pets, since you never know what they may need on the fly. We recommend bringing a basic first aid kit with you including bandages, gauze rolls, and antiseptic wipes in case they get injured over the course of your vacation. Always pack extra food and treats, as your pet may get extra hungry before boarding your flight or sitting in the car. In addition, if your pet is prone to anxiety in foreign places, you may want to consider bringing a sedative as a precaution.

Must-See Places to Travel with Your Pet

Pet-friendly hotels are hard to find and usually cost a fortune! Hotel Telluride, located in Telluride, Colorado has almost as many pet residents as human ones. This hotel offers your pet a bag of treats when you check-in and a list of activities you and your pet can enjoy together. Pets are allowed in most restaurants in this charming mountain town along with countless hiking trails, and even the Gondola to the ski-area. Plus, 10 percent of all pet fees are donated to the Second Chance Humane Society of Colorado. Book today with Rubinsohn Travel 215 886-5200, so you can take a scenic Gondola ride with your furry companion.

Ever dream of taking your pet with you to roam the streets of Paris? The City of Light is the perfect luxurious destination that happens to be extremely pet-friendly. And it’s a good thing to have your pet microchipped, since that is a requirement in the E.U. Dogs are welcome at Paris’ finest hotels including the Four Seasons George V. Paris and the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal. Many restaurants and shops are also dog friendly, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your pet behind. Paris’ famous bookstore, Shakespeare and Company, featured in Midnight in Paris and Julie and Julia welcomes dogs as well, and as far as transportation is concerned, pets are welcome on the Metro. Need we say more?

Now that we’ve given you another reason to travel, it’s time to book your next trip! Give us a call at Rubinsohn Travel at (215)-886-5200 to start planning today.