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Wednesday, 08 August 2018 Written by Rubinsohn Travel
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Summer might be coming to an end, but that does not mean everyone should go back to their cubicles, waiting for next Summer to arrive. Schedule your next group reunion with Rubinsohn Travel by calling 215-886-5200. Rubinsohn Travel has experience working with groups and takes away the hassle that comes with booking for multiple people. Bill and Deborah Rubinsohn will make sure all of your guests needs are met. All you have to do now is just pick a place! Here are some suggestions for fun group activities:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Grab your group and head over to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can tour the Brewing History Museum and taste the Milwaukee beer. You can quickly walk through the museum in 30 minutes, or take your time and spend the day learning more about the brewing industry, while enjoying a pint with your friends. Instead of playing the same old board games while sitting around on your couch, join your friends to a real-life game of escape. Escape MKE offers different variations of real-life escape rooms, fully stocked with clocks, locks, secret passages, etc. There are five unique missions for your group to explore and figure out an escape.

Napa Valley, California

Great food, amazing wine, and beautiful landscapes. What else could you need? Calistoga Ranch offers guest lodges that are great for a group. Your group can relax in the warming bath offered by the ranch, surrounded by ancient oaks and majestic hills. You can also enjoy the Calistoga’s rock-hewn stream as well as the private lake. There is even an on-property vineyard, so you don’t have to stray far to find wine. Napa Valley is the perfect destination at any time of the year, as long as everyone’s schedules work, you are good to go.

Saint Lucia

If you and your friends need to escape not only the cubicles, but also the country, fly to Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia is an Eastern Caribbean Island. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches and simply relax. Or, you can do something amazing for your body that will leave you with more energy right before going back to work. Along with your friends, sign up for The Bodyholiday – all-inclusive resort that combines spa treatments, whole foods, and cutting edge fitness routines like Spoga, which includes spin and yoga. It is easier sticking to resolutions when you have a back-up, so the next time you get together with your friends, pitch this idea to them!


Call Rubinsohn Travel(215) 886-5200 to take care of your booking arrangements, so you can take the time to help your friends pack!