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Thursday, 14 October 2021 13:09

Ciao from Bologna

The skies are blue and the temperature is in the 60’s..perfect weather to explore this ancient, vibrant city! Our checkin was easy and problem free because we had installed Americans app Verifly and uploaded all of our documents to it. One note..if you are a couple, do not add your companion. If they have a smart phone , they should do theirs separately. If you add a companion, you must upload all their info and picture in order to complete your own trip. Our bags were tagged through to Bologna and upon arrival in Rome we went through Passport Control and then were free to browse among the many shops and restaurants before boarding our flight.

IMG 2801 

IMG 2330 

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Our Alitalia flight had 14 passengers. Interesting note…our masks were deemed unacceptable and we were provided with blue surgical masks instead. We arrived on October 13 and Alitalia’s last day of business is October 14. The employees we spoke to still had no idea what the future would bring..no info. from Alitalia.

Fighting our jet lag, we went for a walk and stopped for some food and of course gelato. There’s a 2 block area dotted with trattorias so one never has to worry about getting a good meal. Tonight’s dinner..Pasta Bolognese!! And now, off for our Bologna adventure!


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