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Wednesday, 06 December 2017 03:00

Our Epic Adventure to China!

As travel experts, our love for traveling the world is ingrained in our core. We get to make many people happy and provide clients with their dream vacations. Most recently, we were finally able to experience our own epic adventure.

This past month, my wife Deborah and I, flew from our home base of Philadelphia to the magnificent country of China and were immediately immersed in Chinese culture. As an ancient civilization that has recently opened its doors to western ways, China is a force to be reckoned with. The infrastructure is booming as skyscrapers seem to appear overnight. Bridges, roads, high-speed trains… everywhere you turn there is construction activity. Aside from its impressive architecture, the cuisine and views we were presented with were astounding.

While in China, a few things we experienced were:

The Great Wall of China

Walking along the Great Wall of China was one of the most amazing experiences we ever had. From its breathtaking views, to its rich history, the Great Wall of China is a bucket list staple. Stretching 5500 miles, it is regarded as one of the original 7 wonders of the world. Amazingly, it is the only man made construction visible from the International Space Station.

Terra Cotta Warriors

As one of the most impressive archaeological finds in history, the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian is an excavation site revealing more than 8,000 life-sized Terra Cotta Warriors. Archaeologists have also uncovered numerous horses and chariots, a pyramid mound marking the emperor’s tomb, remains of a palace, offices, storehouses, and stables on-site. The site was identified as the burial place of Emperor Qin and historians believe that an estimated 700,000 workers worked for nearly three decades on the mausoleum. The experience is mind-blowing and the story that goes along with it is fascinating. We definitely recommend traveling to this site, as it will not disappoint.

Shanghai Museum

As China’s largest city, Shanghai has proven itself to be a global financial hub. We loved walking through the city of Shanghai and being a part of its culture. One of our favorite memories was visiting the Shanghai Museum… do not miss this spectacular collection! Dedicated to showcasing artifacts illustrating Chinese wisdom and philosophy, the museum is filled with masterpieces of timeless Chinese work.


Though this may not be as world-renowned as The Great Wall of China or the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian, Gaddi’s is the signature restaurant in the Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel and the rest of the world has been wining and dining there for the past 60 years. The restaurant, which opened in 1953 offers signature French haute cuisine in the heart of Hong Kong. It is also the first restaurant in the East to serve exquisite French fare. We definitely recommend stopping in for dinner.

Overall, our trip to China was one that we will never forget. From mind-blowing sightseeing to wonderful food, China is truly one of the most interesting countries in the world. We hope that we can make your dream vacation as memorable as ours.

Interested in visiting China for your next vacation? Let Rubinsohn Travel help you plan! Visit our website or give us a call at (215) 886-5200. We are excited to hear from you!

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