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Wednesday, 27 February 2019 03:00

Plan on Pamplona

The winter weather has been dragging on, but we want to spring ahead to summer. Rubinsohn Travel (215)886-5200 has been hard at work planning the best summer vacations yet. Our most recent pick is Pamplona, Spain. 

Pamplona is most well-known for San Fermín, a festival held throughout the streets of the city every year during the second week of July. The festival is otherwise known for its event, the Running of the Bulls. But it is not just about the bulls, it consists of multiple activities for both the people that live there and for tourists. The beginning of the festival takes place on July 6th with a chupinazo (rocket) being set off. Parades and processions around the Saint Fermín statue take place, and fireworks are also set off every night. Spectators enjoy food and drinks as they take in the traditional events. Adrenaline-lovers often like to take part in the running of the bulls. Each day the running of the bulls starts in the morning, and ends in a bull ring, where bull fights take place. Some say it is a little too dangerous, so instead many people enjoy renting balconies that line the streets to see everything from a safer spot. San Fermín is definitely a great time to visit Pamplona. 

19 02 27 pamplona 1

Pamplona offers so much more than just the festival. Pamplona is the capital of Navarre, and has rich history dating back to the Roman times. This gives visitors many amazing places to see. One of these places is the Plaza del Castillo. The plaza is the center point of the city where many people socialize and relax. The stunning architecture surrounding the shops and restaurants make this town square area the perfect place to hang with friends. 

19 02 27 pamplona 2

A more historic site to visit in Pamplona is the city walls and the citadel. The walls were built by the Romans to fortify the city. They still stand today showing off the renovations that were made to them in the 1500s. The citadel was built in the 1500s, and was joined onto the walls. It now forms the shape of a pentagon. Today, the walls and citadel are used as a place for visitors to enjoy by walking around, having picnics, and listening to outdoor concerts.

19 02 27 pamplona 3

The Museo de Navarra is another must-see in Pamplona. The museum used to be a hospital in medieval times, and later was transformed to what it is today. Take a tour throughout the museum and see the artwork. It features work from artists throughout the centuries, and even has archeological remains from prehistoric times. 

19 02 27 pamplona 4

Pamplona, Spain has even more to see and do. Don’t wait any longer to book your summer getaway. Call Rubinsohn Travel (215)886-5200 today and let us help you plan for Pamplona.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019 03:00

Discover Some of the World’s Best Kept Secrets

At Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200, we are vacation experts, and we believe that some of the best trips out there are the ones you’ve never heard of. We take pride in encouraging our guests to open themselves up to new experiences, and visit remote destinations that won’t be packed with tourists. Immerse yourself into the cultures of these hidden gems of the world, and we promise you won’t regret it.

Ostuni, Italy 

Often referred to by its nickname, The White City, Ostuni is a small city located in the Puglia Region of Italy. It sits on a hilltop just 5 miles from the beautiful blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. The city’s Old Town was forged with no formal plans. Weaving through the streets can make one feel as if they are in a maze or labyrinth, which makes it an essential part of your adventure. After taking in the architecture’s wonder, head to Masseria Brancati to see thousand-year-old olive trees and taste some of the best olive oil produced in the world. Explore the breathtaking nature of Ostuni by walking or biking through the Parco Dune Costiere. The park offers swimming areas, sightseeing, and historical journeys throughout its vast area, and is an unforgettable landscape. The possibilities are endless, and the culture is rich in Ostuni. Don’t miss out on one of Italy’s most incredible cities!

19 02 20 secrets 1

19 02 20 secrets 2

Cienfuegos, Cuba 

Cuba is rapidly becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, however most people only travel to the capital, Havana, and ignore what many call “The Pearl of the South.” Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, Cienfuegos’ old colonial town center is something to behold, and is a big reason why many believe the city to be the most beautiful destination in Cuba. No other place in the Caribbean boasts a cluster of Neoclassical structures that even comes close in comparison. After taking in the wondrous architecture, experience the beauty of Cienfuegos’ nature by visiting El Nicho Waterfall. It has been described as a naturally occurring water park, and it features cascading waterfalls with pools for swimming at the bottom of them. There are also hiking pathways to explore, as well as small bars and vendors selling delicious food. Cienfuegos is a place not many know about, but all should explore if they get the chance.

19 02 20 secrets 3

19 02 20 secrets 4

Margaret River, Australia

Most people think of seeing Melbourne, Sydney and The Great Barrier Reef when Australia comes to mind, however most outsiders don’t know about all that the town of Margaret River has to offer. The town is located in the South West of Western Australia, and is known to natives for its top quality wine and dining. The region only produces about 3 percent of all wine in Australia, but produces more than a fifth of the continent’s premium wines. With more than 120 world-class wineries available for exploration, visiting the vineyards is a must when staying in Margaret River. The town also features several beautiful beaches and some of the best surfing available in the world, with infamous breaks such as Surfer’s Point and The Cowaramup Bombora. One of marvels of the area happens to be below ground at Lake Cave. The cave features the one of a kind “suspended table”, a natural limestone crystal masterpiece that hangs from the ceiling, just above the cave’s enduring lake. Discover the depths of Australia and avoid the tourist crowds by venturing to this amazing town.    

19 02 20 secrets 5

19 02 20 secrets 6

We take pride in offering vacations that will remain with you for the rest of your life. It is our belief that your trip should open you up to parts of the world you had no idea were even there. These three relatively unknown destinations all feature something totally unique that you will want to tell your friends and family about every chance you get. Book with us today at Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200, and let’s get started planning your trip to one of the world’s best kept secrets.   

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019 03:00

The African Safari is Calling

We are fresh into February and that means most of us have already given up on our new year’s resolutions. However, one thing to not give up on is the trip of a lifetime. This coming November, Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 has a trip planned that will allow you to explore the beauty of Africa, and embark on an adventure you will tell your family about for generations. With stops in South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, we have selected some of the best accommodations in the world to showcase the astonishing African landscape.  

Cape Town, South Africa 

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most desirable destinations, and there is no better way to take in all that it has to offer than a stay in the One&Only Cape Town resort. It features a selection of the most celebrated vinicultural and dining experiences in the city. Step away from the hotel and into nature by exploring Table Mountain. It will certainly take your breath away and will leave no doubt in your mind as to why it was voted one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Travel to the various markets and towns surrounding your resort and experience the culture of Cape Town before returning for a relaxing evening at the One&Only Spa. The beauty of Cape Town’s environment and cultural richness of its native people are only the start to your unforgettable journey.

19 02 13 africa 1

Belmond, Botswana

 If you are looking to embark on one of the most illustrious safari adventures in all of Africa, look no further than the five-star Belmond Eagle Island Lodge. Live in luxury in the heart of the safari, with accommodations featuring walled outdoor showers, private plunge pools, walk-in wardrobes, and more. Experience an unforgettable excursion with the exclusive helicopter and horseback safari package. Start your day off by taking flight in a helicopter, and discover remote and inaccessible lakes and islands before saddling up for a guided tour on horseback through the Okavango Delta. Immerse yourself into nature like never before, and become one with the surrounding wildlife.

19 02 13 africa 2

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 

The Victoria Falls Hotel is a five-star accommodation set in lush tropical gardens and only a 10-minute walk from the stunning Victoria Falls. Step outside the hotel and experience the marvel that is the Victoria Falls. As one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, it is a must see for anyone who has the chance to do so. If you are a daring individual, venture out into the Devil’s Pool right on the edge of the falls and capture the moment with a photo. For those looking for an even bigger adrenaline rush, bungee jump from the famous 111-meter-high Victoria Falls Bridge. Experience the allure of African wildlife by heading out into the safari on the back of an elephant. Guided walking and driving tours across the Victoria Falls safari are also available. The possibilities for adventure and nature exploration are endless when visiting this historic site. 

19 02 13 africa 3

19 02 13 africa 4

Book with Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200, and let us take you on an expedition across multiple African countries that will be nothing short of life changing. Give us a call today to discuss these three incredible destinations, as well as others that are included on your journey. Make this November one to remember!   

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Wednesday, 30 January 2019 03:00

Escape the Cold with an Island Getaway

With decreasing temperatures and increasing wind speeds, Philadelphia faced its coldest stretch of the year last week. Instead of bundling up to stay warm, why not beat the cold with an island getaway?  Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 has found the perfect place to make everyone’s cold woes disappear. 

Paradise Island, Bahamas

This vacation destination has a name that speaks for itself. The island has an area of 685 acres and is located just off the shore of the city, Nassau. The Atlantis Resort is the crown jewel of paradise and makes for the perfect getaway.

Atlantis is everything you could ever dream of. One of the resort’s biggest attractions is the Mayan themed Aquaventure water park. The park features attractions such as a mile long rapid river and multiple water slides, each with their own unique twist. The Dig is one of the most unique parts of the park, consisting of 14 lagoons with more than 50,000 aquatic animals, representing more than 250 species. It was designed to represent the lost city of Atlantis and give the guests a taste of adventure. The biggest attraction of the water park is the Mayan Temple, which features a 60 foot slide that takes you through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon. 

If the thrill of the water park isn’t for you, grab some friends and head out onto the 18-hole par 72 championship golf course. The course also features a restaurant and bar inside the clubhouse. After a round of golf, try relaxing by one of 11 different available pools, and don’t worry you can bring the family along too. Everybody has been on a vacation where one child was too small to go on the rides, but Atlantis has taken care of that by introducing 3 pools designed purely for kids’ entertainment and safety.     

The beautiful Bahamian beaches are only a short walk away from your accommodations. Simply follow one of the paths from your tower and step out onto one of three private beaches available to the guests of Atlantis. The white-sand and crystal-blue water stretch out for 5 miles and offer some breathtaking sights of the Caribbean.    

For a day of adventure, drive over the bridge to the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, and try out various activities such as going on a food tasting tour, powerboating and snorkeling. The best way to capture the beauty of the Bahamian ocean is to embark on a SUB, or Scenic Underwater Bubble, excursion, which involves using a personal submarine to propel oneself through the water and explore what the ocean has to offer. 

Book with  Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 for the best deals to your dream destination. Paradise is calling.  

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Wednesday, 09 January 2019 03:00

Traveling with a Purpose

Having a passion for travel and wanting to see the world is something Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 loves. But, sometimes we find that travelers get so caught up in their vacation that they don’t always take in the local community and give back to the places they visit. We have a solution to that. We have chosen a few great places to visit where you can experience an exciting trip, while also finding volunteer opportunities. 


India is known for having rich culture. There are multiple stops to make along your travels in India. The first stop is in Agra to see the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is one of the most notable tourist destinations in India for its historical beauty. Another stop is Ladakh. This destination attracts many travelers and it is known as “Little Tibet.” The weather is great and it contains many Buddhist monasteries. After you have visited these places and more, extend your trip and volunteer. Programs vary, but a popular program includes teaching young girls empowerment in schools and shelters. 


Peru has many historical places to see. The Incas left many buildings and temples behind in Machu Picchu and they are must-sees. The ruins themselves appear as if they are touching the sky. The city of Cusco is also a perfect place to visit. Cusco was the former center for the Incan Empire. There is a cultural city center still for tourists to stop by and see the mix of Incan and Spanish cultures. While you’re in this city, there are volunteer opportunities to work with disabled children in schools. Not only can you take in the sights, but you can also make a difference in locals’ lives. 


Australia is always a well-known destination. From being able to see the Sydney Opera House to walking across the Harbor Bridge, it is never a dull moment. Grab your mates that like adventure and head down to the Great Barrier Reef. If you are really into the nature aspect of the coral reefs, volunteer to join a scuba clean-up crew. This is the perfect opportunity to help the environment and explore the Australian waters. 

Don’t wait any longer to book your trip! Give yourself the adventure of a lifetime while still making time in your trip to give back to local communities. Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 has all of the answers for your perfect vacation.

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Wednesday, 02 January 2019 03:00

Bringing Love to the New Year

Spending time with loved ones is a staple for the holiday season. It brings family members together and even sometimes brings new marriage engagements. After the holidays wind down, it becomes wedding planning time. Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 has the perfect places to book a dreamy destination wedding for your special day.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is one of the top places for destination weddings. It offers an array of resorts that have all-inclusive packages for you and your guests to enjoy your stay without worrying about extra fees. The clear ocean, and white sand beaches give the perfect place for a sunset beach wedding. 

Don’t only plan the wedding though, the D.R. also has many activities for your guests to enjoy together before and after the big day. There are multiple ATV buggy adventures, zip-lining and day boat rides that feature snorkeling, to have fun on! You can turn your wedding into a week-long vacation to spend with your new spouse and family.

19 01 02 new year 1


If you would like a different destination, other than a tropical spot for your wedding, Ireland is the place to go. Ireland is full of interesting history with castles, small towns, and endless beautiful scenery. 

There are countless beautiful hotels in Ireland that are just a short drive away from some of the castles and gardens to take gorgeous wedding photos at. In fact, you can even stay in a castle if you really want the medieval, historical feel. Ireland is a large place so if you feel stuck on where to begin, we can help you choose the perfect part of Ireland that suits exactly what you imagine.

After you tie the knot, plan other activities for your group to do together. Some favorites are going to the Blarney Castle, visiting the Cliffs of Moher, seeing the Ring of Kerry, trying a Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse, and touring the Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden. There are so many places to see and experience in Ireland to top off your wedding in a way everyone would love.

19 01 02 new year 2

Call Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 today to start booking the wedding of your dreams in a place made for fairytales.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 03:00

Embrace the Winter Weather

Many people can agree that winter is not their favorite season. The cold winds, hassle of snow, and darker skies can make winter bland and gloomy. But why be miserable all season when you can plan a getaway to somewhere that will make you fall in love with winter? Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 has found the perfect destination that will make everyone enjoy the winter weather as if they were a kid again.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Along the border with Italy in the Swiss Alps lies a small town called Zermatt. Zermatt has a population of about 5,800 people with an economy that thrives on tourism. The mountain and ski resort village is a great destination that features an array of activities in a winter wonderland atmosphere. 

As a town that is surrounded almost entirely by the Pennine Alps, there are great mountains and trails for skiing. The town itself is located on the southern end of Matter Valley. The alps’ peaks include Monte Rosa, Dom, Liskamm, Weisshorn, and the Matterhorn, the main peak. These peaks reach up to over 15,000 feet high. Skiing down the Matterhorn trails is the most popular of attractions for tourists. Ski lifts, cable cars, and chairlifts are available to get to the top of the mountain to start your skiing adventure. For the more extreme adventurists, Zermatt even has its own snowpark to try out freestyle tricks.

If you are not thrilled about skiing, there are other outdoor activities to participate in that will allow you to still see the beauty of the mountains. Snowshoeing and hiking are very popular. There are different levels of hiking trails from easy to medium so anyone can go. The hiking trails not only offer a fun way to get outdoors, but they also give views of the mountain peaks and historic insight. Snowshoeing trails are offered on different levels too. When you choose to snowshoe on Gornergrat, you will be able to take in the best view in town, the Matterhorn. 

18 12 19 embrace winter 1

The view alone is not always enough. Make sure to visit the Matterhorn Museum to learn about the history behind the mountain and the development of Zermatt itself. The town was developed in the 19thcentury as a farming village. The museum takes you through what old houses looked like and climbing equipment from the first ascent of the mountain. 

Zermatt has an Old Village section that is great for visitors to walk through. There are barns, stores, stables, and houses in the village. When you’re strolling these narrow streets, you will truly feel like you have been taken back in time. Making this back-in-time “feel” come to life even more, Zermatt is also known for not having any cars in the town. Although they do have electric buses and taxis, they do not allow cars due to pollution they may bring. Zermatt keeps their air free of pollution in order to make sure their sights of the peaks don’t disappear or become clouded. 

Zermatt is one of Rubinsohn Travel’s (215) 886-5200 favorite destinations. This wintery paradise is one to visit! Call us now to book your vacation here. 

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018 03:00

Our Normandy and Paris Experience

Recently, Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 went on a vacation to Normandy and Paris! The trip included a cruise and time staying in Paris to sightsee. Here are some of the highlights from this adventure!

18 11 28 normandy 1

Omaha Beach, Normandy

While on this trip, one of the top destinations for sightseeing was Omaha Beach, home of the D-Day Landing Beaches. We actually visited this site on Veterans Day, so it was a very meaningful excursion. D-Day was a monumental feat for the Allies in World War II. Although the courageous invasion led to a victory, more than 4,000 Allied troops lost their lives that day. It was a solemn day of remembrance when we visited for the 75thanniversary of D-Day. The memorial offered a beautiful view and showed great respect to all those who lost their lives in the war.

18 11 28 normandy 2

Jewish Walking Tour in Paris

Another historic highlight of our trip was going on a Jewish Walking Tour. We were able to walk through Jewish neighborhoods and streets to see history and culture. The Jewish community did not always have an easy life in Paris. Many people were deported, murdered, or sent to concentration camps in World War II. The streets and shops have been restored to their historic beauty, but you can’t help but be moved with sadness for all those remembered on plaques throughout the tour.

18 11 28 normandy 3

Arc de Triomphe

Often featured in movies and pictures, the Arc de Triomphe was definitely worth the visit. Mostly noted for being such a tall monument, the Arc actually has a lot of history behind it. Napoleon ordered its construction in 1806 to honor the French soldiers who fought in the Napoleonic Wars. The names of generals and wars fought are engraved on the top of the arch. There is even an unknown soldier from World War I buried under the arch. A memorial flame burns at this spot for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier every night at 6:30. The war history surrounding this was interesting to learn and see!

18 11 28 normandy 4


Of course we couldn’t go on this adventure without trying out food-favorites in Paris. One of our favorite foods to eat in between sightseeing trips were crepes. This French staple found a way into our hearts, and our stomachs! If we only could have packed some to bring home.

We had an amazing time on our Normandy and Paris vacation. Book with Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 so you can experience all that France has to offer!

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Wednesday, 07 November 2018 03:00

London Calling

The Philadelphia Eagles flew into London, England recently and left their mark at Wembley Stadium where they played the Jacksonville Jaguars. Whether you follow football or not, it is probably safe to say that we were all a little jealous of their trip. But, there’s no need to sit around wishing you could be there. Now Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 can book you the London vacation of a lifetime. We scoped out some of the best places to visit in London so you can stay on the ball of your trip planning.

Tower of London: The Tower of London is a must-see attraction. The tower is located in central London on the north bank of the River Thames. This historical site is over 900 years old. The Tower of London has been used for many purposes throughout its life including a royal residence, housing the Royal Mint, an armory, home of the Crown Jewels of England, and a prison. With the tower’s changing purposes, there is a surplus of history to see and learn here. They offer many tours that are interesting to all.

18 11 07 london 1

Coca-Cola London Eye: The Coca-Cola London Eye is Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel and is located on the south bank of the River Thames. The London Eye is one of the tallest viewing points for visitors to see London from. This attraction allows visitors to take a ride and see the beauty of London from above, a sight you don’t want to miss! Riders can purchase different ticket options so they can have their best experience the way they want it to be. You can even rent a capsule for your wedding!

18 11 07 london 2

St. Paul’s Cathedral: Whether you observe religion or not, St. Paul’s Cathedral is a destination of pure beauty and peace. The cathedral was rebuilt in the 16thcentury after the Great Fire of London. The architecture style in the church is English Baroque. Its dome is the outermost recognizable point to tourists. The art filled church is not just for sightseeing, it is still used to observe mass and prayer services under the denomination of the Church of England.

18 11 07 london 3

Buckingham Palace: Everyone knows about the Buckingham Palace and the royalty of it. The outside of the palace is popularly seen in movies and on TV. It is a staple of London. This palace houses many royals with private apartments within. It is the administrative headquarters for the monarch. The Buckingham Palace has tours that show off the grand rooms and grounds filled with art and elegance. When visiting don’t forget to take a picture in front of the beautiful gates and straight-faced guards! Fun Fact: The flag that flies above the palace has an extra meaning. When the Queen is in residence, the Royal Standard flag flies. When she is not there, the Union flag flies instead.

18 11 07 london 4

Abbey Road: Last but not least, you can’t miss out on getting an iconic shot of walking across Abbey Road just like The Beatles! This picture has become a tourist favorite after The Beatles released their album “Abbey Road” in 1969.

18 11 07 london 5

Be like our Eagles and fly to the great destination of London, England! Book with Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 to get the best deals for your trip! Don’t forget to try the fish and chips while you’re there!

18 11 07 london 6

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Wednesday, 03 October 2018 03:00

Yellowstone – The All-Seasons Park

Contrary to popular belief, Yellowstone is worth visiting any time of the year and here’s a breakdown of activities for each season. The park is beautiful, even if you are just admiring it from the window of your car. But, the best way to experience it is to get out and get active. The experts at Rubinsohn Travel will ensure that your trip to Yellowstone meets all of your expectations.


Fall always comes with beautiful colors and Yellowstone is a magnificent destination to see the wonders of Fall. The colorful leaves, combined with the natural beauty of Yellowstone, make for a spectacular sight! Late September and early October is not a popular time-frame for tourists, which means there are less cars blocking your view. Early Autumn is also a great time for wildlife spotting. In particular, elk bulls. The Madison and Gardner rivers are full of brown trout at this time of the year – so grab your fishing gear before you leave. For those who want to get even more active, Yellowstone rents bikes that you can take around the park.


The snow-covered mountains, frozen waterfalls and frost-covered bison make the perfect postcard picture that one should experience in their lifetime. The roads stay closed, as they are not plowed – so the only way for visitors to get around is by snowmobiles, or skiing. For those who love skiing, there’s plenty of room to do so, as skiers are permitted to even slide down the unplowed roads. Wildlife spotting is at its prime in the winter, as animals are easier to spot on the white background.


Spring is a wonderful time for families, as the wildlife features their tiny newborns. Bears come out of hibernation with new cubs and bison give birth on the plains. The greatest odds for animal sightseeing are at dawn and dusk. If you wish to see the elk, the best location to spot them is at Mammoth, as the animals enjoy hanging out on the lawn there. If your schedule permits you to, make a quick trip to Yellowstone during the Spring season and you will see all types of small and furry animals.


Summer is the most popular season to visit Yellowstone, which also means it is the most crowded season. Nevertheless, the range of activities around the park increases during the Summer. Hiking is permitted during the summer, but many of the trails are still snow covered until July. The summer weather is usually the nicest for hiking. During the summer months, the temperature can get down to almost 30-degrees at night. Fishing and boating are both permitted at this time of year. Swimming is legal, although not popular mainly because tourists are unaware of the fact that it’s legal let alone the fact that the water is very cold. Horseback riding through the beautiful, guided trails is also offer by the park during the Summer season.

If you would like to visit this natural and magnificent work of art, call Rubinsohn Travel today at (215) 886-5200, and we’ll schedule your trip to Yellowstone National Park.

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