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Wednesday, 12 September 2018 03:00

This Secret is Hidden Deep in The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon in Arizona should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you have not seen this national park, call Rubinsohn Travel 215-886-5200 soon to schedule your visit! If you have seen it, you might want to go back as you might have missed one major sight – Havasupai Falls. Tucked away in the southwest corner of the Grand Canyon, Havasupai Falls has been recently popping up on social media. For years, the destination was known only to avid hikers. The natural landmark includes a 90-foot vertical cliff with blue-green water that hits against the rustic boulders below. It’s truly an amazing waterfall worth experiencing. But, there is only one condition – you have to hike for 10 miles to see this wonder. Visitors who wish to see the falling waters, typically set up a camp on the reservation before the long hike. The train may be traveled either by foot or horse.

The beautiful Havasupai is located in Havasu Canyon, now home to the Havasupai Indian Tribe. Visiting the sight is a privilege that was given to the public by the Havasupai Indian Reservation in 2017. There are limited campground spaces, so individuals who are planning on visiting the falls and hiking, are instructed to make reservations beforehand. Do not worry though, Rubinsohn Travel is here to plan all of your arrangements.

Once you have dealt with reservations and you have hiked your way over to the falls, you can relax by swimming in the blue-green water, or cliff jumping. The experience is unbelievable and everyone who has hiked to the Havasupai Falls before has said that without a doubt – the hike is worth the view.

18 09 12 grand canyon

Ready to be the one to tell your friends about this secret waterfall? You need to see it first! Call Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 and get ready to fly to Arizona.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2018 03:00

Croatia’s small size does not equal its worth

From breathtaking coastlines and aquamarine waters to island hopping and cave exploring, there are countless reasons why Croatia has become one of the hottest travel destinations in Europe. During Yacht Week in Croatia, the Mediterranean climate boasts the ideal weather to enjoy a breeze in your hair, a Rosè in hand, all while soaking up the sun and sailing.If you have not heard of Croatia before this year’s World Cup, know that the country is home to not only outstanding soccer players, but also superlative beauty. Croatia might look tiny next to their neighbor Italy, but there is so much to explore including what was named the ‘Best beach in Europe’ in 2016. Sound perfect? Well- it’s exactly that, and one of the best parts- you don’t need to be a millionaire to party on a yacht. With no shortage of choice in Croatian adventures, you can count on Rubinsohn Travel 215-886-5200 to customize top-notch arrangements in what could easily be, the best time of your life from sand to sea. Listed below are some of our absolute-must-do things in Croatia:

18 08 29 croatia1Stiniva Beach

Stiniva was voted the ‘Best Beach in Europe’ in 2016. Although it is a popular tourist attraction, the location itself is hard to get to. The beach can be reached by hiking down a steep and narrow path, or by taking a taxi boat from a nearby cove, but there are limited number of boats that can fit between the two vessels that almost block the beach. Whichever way you get there, it will be worth it as the view is breathtaking.


Pilvice Lakes

This national park is a combination of every marvelous aspect of nature. There are lakes, waterfalls and a limestone canyon. The park is open all-year-round, and it offers seven different routes to tour the lake system, and four hiking trails. No matter what part of the park you see, you will not be disappointed. The lakes have been identified as having special, physical significance by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. But you can still enjoy the view and take plenty of pictures. Add Pilvice Lakes to your Croatia to-do list!

Hvar Island

This island is filled with attractions. Two of the more popular ones are the Green and Blue Caves. Both of the spots are very picturesque. You can even swim in the Green Cave. After, you can hang out by the harbor, where all of the yachts pull up; serving for another picturesque spot. If you want to enjoy the sunset with a drink in your hand, we recommend visiting the Hula Hula bar on the beach!

18 08 29 croatia2From left: Blue Cave, Green Cave

18 08 29 croatia3Pebble Beach


Korcula is the most populous Croatian island. It is filled with amazing wineries and rock beaches. There are a lot of secluded and small beaches all over the island, but the most popular ones are sandy beach, Vela Przina, and pebble beach, Pupnatska Luka. Korcula has a fair share of the 40,000 winemakers in Croatia. The island is best known for its white wines, but you can find delicious red ones as well.


Another reason why you might have heard of Croatia – Game of Thrones was shot here, and more specifically it was shot in Dubrovnik. One of the ways to tour the city is to do the ‘Wall Tour’. It takes about 2 hours to walk the whole circle, but you get to see hidden, narrow streets, lively squares and experience a lot of history. If you are still feeling adventurous after the walk, Dubrovnik has plenty of locations to go cliff jumping. Buza Bar is a popular spot for cliff jumpers, as well as the island of Lokrum, where not only can you cliff jump, but there is a high chance you will stumble upon some peacocks or bunnies. For individuals looking to get away from the beaches, an hour away from Dubrovnik you can visit Ston. Ston offers great food, fantastic scenery and it has the second largest fortification in Europe! Ston is also a great place to get fresh oysters – right on a boat. Dubrovnik is a real gem and is one of Croatia’s UNESCO sites you won’t want to miss. Lastly, American Airlines is starting direct flights from Philadelphia to Dubrovnik next June!

18 08 29 croatia4From left: Dubrovnik, Lokrum  18 08 29 croatia5From left: Ston, fresh oysters on a boat in Ston

Now that we’ve picked a destination for you, we can also book your trip! Call Rubinsohn Travel at (215) 886-5200.

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 Although this year’s 4th of July is around the corner, it is never too early to plan for next year’s activities. And what better day to travel, learn the history of our country, and engage in some fun activities than 4th of July! Make sure to call Rubinsohn Travel (215)-886-5200 to help you accommodate the travel arrangements, so you can take the time to read and decide which patriotic city below you would like to visit next Summer.

Freedom Trail- Boston, Massachusetts

The Freedom Trail is one of the most patriotic excursions. This trail is 3 miles long and begins at the Boston Common. The great part about the trail is that it can be picked up at any point along the way. So if you are feeling adventurous, you can begin at the start and follow the trail to the end. But, if you are not up for walking, you can simply pick where to start and finish. The brick path connects 16 of the most historical monuments and sites in Boston. Some of Boston’s most special places include Park Street Church, the Old State House, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere House and the USS Constitution. You will be able to capture a real sense of the American Revolution after finishing the trail.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial- Rapid City, South Dakota

A must-see place to visit is the infamous Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Standing beneath the 60-foot-tall visages of U.S presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln is absolutely breathtaking. Lincoln and Gutzon Borglum began carving into the granite mountainside in 1927 and didn’t finish until 1941. They wanted to promote tourism in the area and now over 3 million visitors come to Black Hill to marvel at this legendary American monument.

Colonial Williamsburg- Virginia

Make sure to put some time aside for this trip, as Colonial Williamsburg is impossible to explore in a day or two – there is simply too much to see! It is the only place that takes you back in time to the dawn of America. Colonial Williamsburg is the “live” 18th century that you get to experience every time you step on their grounds. You can dance, sing, and eat with the 18th century version of our population. Meet the “Nation Builders” – the real life historical figures associated with old Williamsburg, engage with them and experience their life. Colonial Williamsburg also offers carriage rides, so you can ride through the historic era while enjoying the peace and quiet and removing yourself from the chaos of modern-day streets.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is known for its 4th of July activities! The city’s population includes about 19% of veterans, so the area takes patriotism to new heights. When you visit Colorado Springs, definitely stop by Adventures Out West. This place allows you to zipline over the Manitou foothills with an American flag on your back. In addition, you can rent from a variety of Jeeps and and go on a Jeep tour. If you want to take a break from driving, hop on one of their segways! Adventures Out West allows you to segway through the Garden of the Gods and experience the scenic views with wind in your hair! If you are tired on being on land, jump in one of the air balloons and experience Colorado from 1000 feet up.

Ready to explore one or all of these patriotic cities? Rubinsohn Travel excels in planning premier luxury vacations, and we want to make sure you experience nothing but the best. Give Rubinsohn Travel a call at (215) 886-5200, and we’ll begin your planning today!

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Malta is located in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. The country is a combination of islands, which creates a great place for sea, sun, and plenty of culture and attractions. The country is so picturesque, that it has been used as the set for Gladiator, Troy and King’s Landing in Game of Thrones.

Rubinsohn Travel has you covered with the best spots to explore while in Malta.


 Valetta is the capital of Malta. Although the city is very small, there is plenty to see. You can enter Valetta by walking through the famous City Gate, designed by Renzo Piano. Once in the city, the visitors can visit the newly finished Parliament Building, which is designed to look like two massive volumes of stone, suspended in the air. Right by the entrance to Valetta, tourists can spot the beautiful Royal Opera House, which has been brought back to life in 2013, after being damaged during the World War II. The outskirts of Valetta are worth visiting as well, especially Hal Saflieni Hypogeum.

Blue Lagoon

 This slice of paradise is located in the smallest inhabited island- Comino. It has become one of the most popular spots to visit, due to the turquoise, shallow waters, golden rocks, and stunning coastline. Blue Lagoon offers top-notch swimming and snorkeling. This beach is a must-see for everyone visiting Malta!


Similar to every other city in Malta, Vittoriosa is not a massive landscape, so you can take your time exploring. Just walking through the city is extravagant, as it’s filled with stunning views. Fort St Angelo, on the tip of Vittoriosa’s peninsula, has been recently restored and is now open to public. Fort St Angelo now serves as a historical museum, and the building spreads across the water, creating a beautiful site. At night, the museum is nicely lit up, which makes a scenic reflection on the water.

Gozo Island

 This beautiful island is filled with landscapes, quiet towns, and pristine beaches. It is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing vacation. For those interested in history, the island has a medieval city – Victoria, occupied by several different museums and basilicas. Ggantija-temples date back to 3500 BC with loads of interesting history. For those interested more in visiting the beaches, one of the favorite spots in Gozo Island is the Ramala Bay. The beach has wide, sandy shores and gentle waters that are safe for swimming. This island is easily accessible from the Island of Malta by a ferry.

Ready to experience Malta and all that it has to offer?  Rubinsohn Travel excels in planning premier luxury vacations, and we want to make sure you experience nothing but the best. Give Rubinsohn Travel a call at (215) 886-5200, and we’ll begin your planning today!

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Wednesday, 20 June 2018 03:00

Enjoy A Pint All Over London

London, England is the perfect destination for anytime of the year, but especially in the Fall. If you’re an Eagles fan and are already planning your trip to catch the game in October, we have some recommended pubs where you can celebrate the win. Many tourists make sure to have high tea, try fish and chips, and set out on multiple walking tours. But what most people forget to do is experience the culture of pubs which is one of a kind to London. Visiting local pubs to test out different beers and ales is an absolute must! Sifting through the countless options can be a bit daunting, but Rubinsohn Travel is here and we have you covered with our top 5 best pubs in London.

The Star Tavern

Located in Belgravia, The Star Tavern holds a strong history having been built during the early 19th century. Well known visitors including Peter O’Toole and Alexander Korda walked through their very doors. Besides the celebrity appearances, it is known for housing the Great Train Robbers who devised their plan to attack the Mail Service in 1963. Now, the tavern is a reputable pub with a wide range of Fuller’s beer including their seasonal, ESB and London Pride. Not into beer? Don’t worry, the tavern offers a wide selection of 21 single malt whiskies

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

Everyone should pay a visit to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, as it is considered the cream of the crop when it comes to London pubs. Most noted for its affordable food and drink, this pub is excellent if you’re on a budget. There is a total of six drinking rooms, with plenty of space to bring your friends and family. If that is too overwhelming, the pub has a cozy front bar with a candlelit fireplace. Try out Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Bitter which is their regular beer served on tap.

The Lamb & Flag

Tucked in an alleyway of Covent Garden, this pub has been maintained since Charles Dickens and some of London’s greatest writers drank at the bar. Because it is slightly hidden away, it isn’t so touristy which makes it perfect to escape for the night. Wooden panels cover most of the main room making it an appealing spot for a drink. The Lamb & Flag delivers frequent entertainment and holds a hefty collection of notable ales. Although, it is well worth the visit, make sure to secure a seat ahead of time, since it gets very packed after work hours.

The Mayflower

Do you want to look over The River Thames on a terrace with a pint in your hand? If you answered yes, then The Mayflower is the pub for you. This is a quintessential English pub, known for being the oldest on the Thames. Inside features ancient church pews, an open blazing fire, and a rich collection of ales. Their most notable beverage is their house beer named “Scurvy.” This is the perfect spot to grab a beer after the Eagles game.

The French House

This Soho pub played a massive historical role during the Second World War, when it was used as a meeting place for people of the French Resistance. This piece of history coupled with delicious beer and food attracts many. The French House is known for its peculiar tradition that includes: food only served at lunchtime, beer only served in half pints, and no mobile phones allowed. As a result, the atmosphere is cozy and eclectic, perfect for an escape from the daily work grind! Unique to the rest of the bars, The French House is celebrated for its delicious wine and champagne that make up most of the drink list.

Ready to experience a London pub?  Rubinsohn Travel excels in planning premier luxury vacations, and we want to make sure you experience nothing but the best. Give Rubinsohn Travel a call at (215) 886-5200, and we’ll begin your planning today!

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018 03:00

Discover Krakow, Poland with Rubinsohn Travel!

Plunge into Poland, and experience Krakow, a city rich in history and tradition with a modern twist. Encased in natural beauty and mouthwatering food, this county is the perfect place for a weekend getaway, historic tours or winter ski trips. Krakow, the former capitol is filled with breathtaking architecture, from stunning castles to eye opening concentration camps. This political, culture rich city is very significant in Poland and should be added to the top of your travel list. Allow Rubinsohn Travel to plan your next trip and give you VIP treatment while exploring Krakow.

The Wawel Hill & Castle

Krakow’s Wawel Castle, a magnificent medieval castle is the heart of the city. Sitting on top of the Wawel hill this castle overlooks the rising bend of the Vistula river bend.  Built back in the 16thcentury for Kings and royal families, this castle is in a defensible position but is now a must-see site for travelers. Wawel Castle now serves Poland as a natural culture institution, collecting and conserving carefully selected works of art and historical artefacts. Whether you’re coming to see the artifacts or to get the royal treatment, this castle is a must-see attraction for everyone on your next trip.

Zakopane – Poland’s Outdoor Activity Capital

Ready to venture outside of the city and explore the natural beauty that southern Poland has to offer? Zakopane is a small town hidden in the hilly mountain valleys and has become Poland’s most popular ski resort attraction. Krupowki is an area filled with ski-slopes, but the real reason travelers stay is for the night life, and Christmassy lit streets lined with garland.  Summer travelers can spend a day or several hiking the mountain trails, or take a train ride to the top of Mt Gubałówka, for amazing views of the valleys. Travelers have easy access to Zakopane either by bus, train or private tours. Let us help make sure you get to capture every breathtaking view and adventure to Zakopane.

Krakow Nightlife

It’s said that the Polish know how to have a good time, you can learn how to “Party like the Polish” while indulging in their nightlife. First stop out in old city would have to be a “vodka and snack bar.” Here you’ll find locals venture to these spots before going to bars and clubs for some cheap drinks and good conversation. Vodka and snack bars are a great place to meet locals, and find the best bars and really party Polish style. After your first stop, you have a wide variety of night clubs, pubs and karaoke bars to choose from. If you’re looking for a non-traditional night out then make sure to check out Krakow’s jazz bar, Harris Piano Jazz Bar or want to get off land then make sure to check out the boat party events hosted throughout the year. With so many different options, Krakow is sure to become your new favorite nightlight adventure.

Main Square Market

Shopping in Europe is a must on everyone’s bucket list, so of course you have to take a trip to theMain Square Market. Stretching over 200 meters long, this market is like no other. Surrounded by restored colorful townhomes and mansions, this market embodies Krakow’s European identity and submerges you in its culture. Main Square Market features a late 18thcentury monument of Adam Mickiewicz, who is considered to be one of one of Poland’s greatest romantic poets. One of the markets newest attractions, Europe’s largest underground museum is filed with nomadic relics of medieval times. Travelers can enjoy the market and the museum year-round in the Krakow’s oceanic climate.

Krakow Trumpet Signal

At the top of St Mary’s Church Tower, travelers can hear the hourly bugle call above Central Grand Square. This historic trumpet melody dates back to the Middle Ages , used to announce the opening and closing of the city gates. The bugle was also used to alarm citizens of danger like an enemy attack or fire, but don’t be alarmed when the melody comes to an abrupt stop. The ritual melody is used to commemorate the tail of a trumpeter who was said to be shot in the throat by an archer in 1241.

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18 05 16 Oslo NorwayImmerse yourself in the beauty that is Oslo! Surrounded by mountains and the sea, this compact, cultured, and fun city is considered one of Europe’s fastest-growing capital. From its art, unique architecture, and ever changing culinary cuisine, Oslo has a palpable sense of reinvention. The eccentric food, and fashion scene buzzes with energy as hip, new neighborhoods are always popping up. Some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in Norway also surround the city, making it a perfect staging area for a day of hiking, boating, skiing, or camping. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend adding Oslo to your bucket-list. In the meantime, allow Rubinsohn Travel to take you on a tour with the best things to do while exploring Norway’s capital city!

Oslo Opera House

At the center of the city’s waterfront is Oslo’s Opera House, one of the most iconic buildings in the nation’s capital. The building itself, which opened in 2008, resembles a glacier floating in the waters of Oslofjord, and its slanted roof creates a space on the waterfront for visitors to take in spectacular views of Oslo. The Opera House is also utilized as a vibrant workplace for more than 600 opera and ballet professionals, as they prepare for upcoming shows and routines. Whether you’re there to see the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, or just to experience some of the city’s most incredible architecture, you’re sure to be in for a show at the Oslo Opera House.

Oya festival

Join local Norwegian people as they rock out at the annual Oya Festival! The four-day festival first kicked-off in 2009, and has grown to become one of Norway’s largest festivals. The festival consists of 4-stages, and features over 80 different bands. Known to be environmentally friendly, the Oya festival and its four stages are powered by renewable energy, and all trash is recycled.  The sewage generated by festival-goers is converted into biofuel to fuel the shuttles that attendees take between Oslo and the festival grounds! Since 2014 it has moved to Toyen Park, and attracts some of music’s biggest names in the Rock and Indie genre.  

Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art

Designed by Renzo Piano, Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art is a private contemporary art museum. The museum is housed in a building comprised of silvered wood, with a glass roof that feels at one with the Oslofjord landscape. While the museum’s original collections consisted of conceptual American work from the 1980s, it has recently broadened beyond that, with, for example, a room dedicated to Sigmar Polke and Anselm Kiefer – both exceptional German artists. However, its most famous piece, the gilded ceramic sculpture, Michael Jackson and Bubbles, created by Jeff Koons still remains at the museum’s forefront. On Tuesdays and Fridays, visitors can also chime in on a 10-minute art chat. You can listen to an in-depth history of the museum, and different art pieces that are in current exhibitions!

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Are you looking to take a vacation, but don’t have the budget to fly to Europe? Or any other exotic places for that matter? Well, lucky for you American cities have been beaming with new attractions in small and large cities alike. With small cities figuring out ways to create big-time experiences, larger cities are competing with world-class attractions. If you’re looking to stay local to your home state, or just want to travel within the United States, Rubinsohn Travel put together a guide on America’s hottest new attractions in the United States. You don’t need to cross a body of water to take a phenomenal trip this year!

Toy Story Land

Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney’s World Resorts Hollywood Studios is bringing its newest attraction Summer 2018 – Toy Story Land. The 11-acre park will be themed after Andy’s backyard from the classic Toy Story trilogy – a trilogy that broke $1,981,437,865 in worldwide box-office sales. Expect to see a roller coaster that features Slinky Dog, an Alien Swirling Saucers ride, and a restaurant called Woody’s Lunchbox, which is an expansion of the existing Toy Story Mania attraction. Park-goers will also be able to interact and take pictures of their favorite toys from the film, including the abundant green arm men.

 VCU Institute for Contemporary Art

Richmond, VA

Richmond, Virginia is in the hot-seat for opening the most anticipated art museum in 2018. Virginia Commonwealth University has poured over $41 million into the space. The VCU Institute for Contemporary Art is a 41,000 square-foot museum devoted to showcasing art from fresh, modern artists in the city’s cultural cornerstone. The white-blocked building will be a non-collecting museum, instead deciding to keep its exhibits, films, and special programs, so visitors can come back for new experiences, and see something fresh each time. The museum will also have a heavy focus on featuring experimental, and modern pieces. The opening exhibition, called the “Declaration” will bring current events into its works and focus on the movement that art potentially can bring to social issues, and the need for it to change.

The Time Traveler Roller-Coaster

Brandon, Missouri

Silver Dollar City, the Dubai of the Midwest, will go above and beyond once again. This past year, Silver Dollar City opened its $26 million Time Traveler roller coaster. It is the fastest, tallest spinning coaster in the globe. The cars twirl 360 degrees, while it tumbles down the track over 50 miles-per-hour. Riders will experience a 90-degree drop after climbing a 10-story on the tracks. Quickly after, riders will jolt from a quick thrust to 47 miles-per-hour from a dead stop. Take a breath, because you’ll also experience three inversions, which will consist of a dive loop, zero-G roll, and a 95-foot vertical loop. Did I mention it’s the tallest on a spinning coaster? We just highly suggest that you eat after this joy ride.

The Legacy Museum

Montgomery, Alabama

Devoted to African-American history, in the city where the civil rights movement began, sits the Legacy Museum. Coining as the most provocative, and newest attraction hitting the states this year, the Legacy Museum is placed in an old slave warehouse that operated the middle-man between the city’s port and its rail system. As visitors enter the exhibit, a recreation of the conditions that once existed there appear, giving visitors a glimpse of the horrors of the slave trade. The museum also claims that they have the largest collection of data on widespread lynching, which will include art from prominent black artists, filmmakers, and musicians.

Underwater Museum of Art

South Walton, Florida

Richmond may have the coolest new art museum in the State above water. Underwater, though? You can find yourself in South Walton, Florida a beach community on the Gulf Coast for its white sandy beaches and beautiful artificial reefs. Sitting 50 to 60 feet below the surface, the Underwater Museum of Art will be America’s first underwater sculpture garden. The underwater sculpture garden will be on an acre of a seabed off Grayton State Park. Seven sculptures will greet diverse and subtle reefs, with names like Propeller in Motion, The Grayt Pineapple, and Amorphous Octopus. Additionally, five of the sculptures will hail from local artists, and JVC’s Dream, which is a collaboration between students from the local Montessori School, and Kevin Reilly. However, grab your tickets as they are selling fast!

Who said you have to travel out of the United States to have a nice vacation? Give Rubinsohn Travel a call at (215) 886-5200 and we can send you along to these amazing destinations any time of the year!

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Oktoberfest will be here before you know it and that means it’s time to start preparing for your fall vacations. You may be wondering, why are we talking about Fall if Summer hasn’t even happened yet? In order for Rubinsohn Travel to provide you with the best possible travel deals, we like to plan early. In return, this allows you to save more time relaxing and less time scrambling your vacation together. This week, Rubinsohn Travel is going to let you know why you must put Munich, Germany and its annual Oktoberfest on your bucket-list. From the Mediterranean-style street cafes, beer halls and the emerging highbrow art and high-tech, Munich is a flourishing success story that rebels its own contradictions.

The History and Sights

Munich, a Bavarian heritage, retains a small-town air but holds some of the best world-class sights, especially museums. A trip to Munich isn’t complete without visiting the Residenzmuseum. Home to Bavaria’s Wittelsbach rulers from 1508 until World War l, the Residenzmuseum has amazing treasures, as well as trappings of the different lifestyles over the centuries!

If you’re spending a bulk of your trip exploring museums, be sure to check out Munich’s, Munchner Stadtmuseum. Munchner Stadtmuseum showcases the history of Munich in an uncluttered and engaging way. The museum is comprised of two interior courtyards, surrounded by four buildings. The oldest of the four buildings was built in 1500 and formally became a history museum in 1888. The museum includes exhibits that represent something unique and significant about Munich and Germany. Spend your whole day or a few hours at Munchner Stadtmuseum and indulge yourself into the German history that is often left out of the history books.

Looking to soak up the crisp autumn air? Head over to the Englischer Garten (English Garden)! The Englischer Garten is one of Europe’s largest urban parks and is a favorite among locals and visitors. Find your way to the Kleinhesseloher See, a lake that sits in the middle of the park and sit on the lavish grass to watch the cyclists, walkers and joggers that pass by. You may even catch a street musician to add to your relaxation!

The Good Eats

Munich claims to be Germany’s gourmet capital and we’re not disagreeing. Munich has an ever-growing food scene that of course pairs with a cold brew. From local produce, to modern restaurants, Munich has it all. Marienplatz, the main square is dominated by bright displays of fruit, cheese, seafood and meat. Our personal favorite is Dallmayr. Dallmayr is an upmarket delicatessen, most known for its coffee. The delicatessen dates back to 1870 and became a successful business through the war and depression. Dine at Restaurant Dallmayr, a Michelin-starred resultant, or grab a quick bite at Dallmayr’s Bar & Grill. If you’re looking for something more low-key, visit Viktualienmarkt. Viktualienmarkt is an open-air market comprising with different food stalls and beer gardens – think Farmer’s Market. You can find things from butcher’s stalls selling fresh meat and even cooking it on the spot to shops selling local fruits and vegetables! The market has 140 stands, with each stand offering exotic ingredients that can’t be found elsewhere.

And of course, Oktoberfest

We all know that Munich is inevitably known for its annual Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest attracts over 6.2 million guests and 7.5 million liters of beer each year. It is the world’s largest beer festival and has been an important part of the Bavarian culture since 1810. Beginning in 1950, Oktoberfest kicks-off with the tapping of the first keg, which is traditionally done by Munich’s Mayor. Following the tapping of the keg, a gun salute is fired and gives the signal for breweries in surrounding tents to start selling their beer! The festival runs for 16-18 days, typically beginning from mid or late September to the first Sunday in October. Additionally, the beer served at Oktoberfest only comes from the six traditional and Munich based breweries, which are also known as the “Big Six.” There is plenty to discover at Munich’s Oktoberfest and no day is ever the same! After sippin’ on Oktoberfest Beer, visitors can also enjoy a variety of attractions, such as amusement rides, games and indulge in some traditional Bavarian food!

Impressed with Munich yet? We sure hope so! Hop on the ‘beer’wagon and give Rubinsohn Travel a call at (215) 886-5200 to begin your Oktoberfest planning!

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Wednesday, 04 April 2018 03:00

The Beauty of Copenhagen

A First-Timer’s Guide

Copenhagen is the epitome of rich modernity. The city has become known for its excellent taste in everything from architecture, furniture, design, fashion, and of course, cuisine. Although Copenhagen is often seen as a city that is overwhelmed with darkness and cold temperatures for most of the year, it is filled with vibrancy and buzz that matches any hot-spot in Europe! The city’s amazing castles, stunning waterways, and fine eats will have you begging for more. Denmark’s capital isn’t an easy place to characterize, but on the plus side, a trip to Copenhagen has plenty to offer anyone who makes the journey. Lucky for you, Rubinsohn Travel is here with a list of must-see spots, which will make you want to put Copenhagen on your bucket list.

The Cuisine

The Danish capital claims no less than 15 Michelin-starred restaurants, offering a variety of gourmet bites. In fact, many Michelin-starred chefs have opted to open up street food markets for those who are looking to dine on a budget but still want to taste the deliciousness the city offers. Copenhagen is also recognized for its wave of local eateries that are adored for plating fresh produce right from their own farms and gardens. Looking for a quick bite before hitting your night out on the town? The Meat Packing District is filled with a creative cluster of trendy nightlife and a variety of high-quality restaurants. Known for its local bars, and street food along the way, you can find exactly what your taste buds are wanting. Visitors can find dishes from Italian, and Indian, to classic Danish cuisine. Our personal favorite is Kodbyens Fiskebar. At Fiskebar, it’s all about fresh, healthy, and delicious fish and seafood. You’ll certainly want to dive-in visiting Kodbyens Fiskebar!

The Fashion

Copenhagen locals primarily get around town on bikes. However, the morning rush of biker’s look more like a runway show on wheels. When it comes to style in Copenhagen, the fashion enthusiasts are turning their backs on the traditional minimalistic style, and instead creating a movement of pastels and bright colors. If you’re looking to bring home some of the traditional Scandinavian minimalism, head over to Stine Goya or Henrik Vibskov for minimal, but cutting-edge pieces. Copenhagen also makes their homes look like something straight out of a magazine. From the city’s hip street architecture, its famous furniture and light fixtures, to its handblown glassware, Copenhagen has created a city of endless visual pleasure.

Summer Versus Winter

Copenhagen is essentially split up into two different seasons; summer and winter, but there is plenty to do during each season! During the summer, locals enjoy being by, on and in the water. But really who doesn’t? Visitors can rent kayaks or small boats to explore the city’s canals, or find a local bar located right on the waterside to take in the passing boat traffic and stunning views. In autumn and winter, it’s all about cozying up and staying warm. The many museums and galleries will allow you to immerse yourself into the Danish culture. If that doesn’t work, do as the Danes do and head to the Botanical Garden to soak up the heat and humidity in the stunning greenhouses made of glass!

The History

When you visit Copenhagen, the first thing you’ll notice are the prim houses lining tidy cobblestoned streets and canals, and the Tivoli Gardens that forms the city’s centerpiece. But beyond these postcard-perfect moments, Copenhagen is an ambitious city with much history to explore.

At Langelinie Pier you will find one of Copenhagen’s most famous tourist attractions: The sculpture of The Little Mermaid. From Danish culture, The Little Mermaid was a gift from local brewer Carl Jacobsen to the City of Copenhagen dating back to 1913! The sculpture is made of bronze and granite, and was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about a mermaid who gives up everything to be united with a young, handsome prince on land. Looking for something more moving? There are a ton of castles to explore during your visit in Denmark, but Rosenborg Castle is one our favorites. Discover 400 years of significant, royal treasures, and the Crown Jewels and Royal Regalia. Built by one of the most famous Scandinavian kings, Christian IV, the Rosenborg Castle takes you on a journey through time. Experience the king’s private writing cabinet, and see wax figures of formal royals! The history doesn’t stop there. Copenhagen is also home to the first public museum building in Denmark. Built in 1848 to exhibit the extensive life’s work of famous Danish artist, Bertel Thorvaldsen, The Thorvaldsens Museum offers an extraordinary experience to locals and visitors alike. After obtaining his craftsman skills in Rome, Bertel brought a wealth of artifacts, stunning art, and new perspectives for the city to enjoy, allowing us to take a visual journey of the 18th century.

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