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Wednesday, 06 December 2017 03:00

Our Epic Adventure to China!

As travel experts, our love for traveling the world is ingrained in our core. We get to make many people happy and provide clients with their dream vacations. Most recently, we were finally able to experience our own epic adventure.

This past month, my wife Deborah and I, flew from our home base of Philadelphia to the magnificent country of China and were immediately immersed in Chinese culture. As an ancient civilization that has recently opened its doors to western ways, China is a force to be reckoned with. The infrastructure is booming as skyscrapers seem to appear overnight. Bridges, roads, high-speed trains… everywhere you turn there is construction activity. Aside from its impressive architecture, the cuisine and views we were presented with were astounding.

While in China, a few things we experienced were:

The Great Wall of China

Walking along the Great Wall of China was one of the most amazing experiences we ever had. From its breathtaking views, to its rich history, the Great Wall of China is a bucket list staple. Stretching 5500 miles, it is regarded as one of the original 7 wonders of the world. Amazingly, it is the only man made construction visible from the International Space Station.

Terra Cotta Warriors

As one of the most impressive archaeological finds in history, the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian is an excavation site revealing more than 8,000 life-sized Terra Cotta Warriors. Archaeologists have also uncovered numerous horses and chariots, a pyramid mound marking the emperor’s tomb, remains of a palace, offices, storehouses, and stables on-site. The site was identified as the burial place of Emperor Qin and historians believe that an estimated 700,000 workers worked for nearly three decades on the mausoleum. The experience is mind-blowing and the story that goes along with it is fascinating. We definitely recommend traveling to this site, as it will not disappoint.

Shanghai Museum

As China’s largest city, Shanghai has proven itself to be a global financial hub. We loved walking through the city of Shanghai and being a part of its culture. One of our favorite memories was visiting the Shanghai Museum… do not miss this spectacular collection! Dedicated to showcasing artifacts illustrating Chinese wisdom and philosophy, the museum is filled with masterpieces of timeless Chinese work.


Though this may not be as world-renowned as The Great Wall of China or the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian, Gaddi’s is the signature restaurant in the Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel and the rest of the world has been wining and dining there for the past 60 years. The restaurant, which opened in 1953 offers signature French haute cuisine in the heart of Hong Kong. It is also the first restaurant in the East to serve exquisite French fare. We definitely recommend stopping in for dinner.

Overall, our trip to China was one that we will never forget. From mind-blowing sightseeing to wonderful food, China is truly one of the most interesting countries in the world. We hope that we can make your dream vacation as memorable as ours.

Interested in visiting China for your next vacation? Let Rubinsohn Travel help you plan! Visit our website or give us a call at (215) 886-5200. We are excited to hear from you!

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017 03:00

All Aboard the Rubinsohn Express!

Each year during the winter holiday seasons, you attend the same parties, bake the same pies and decorate the same tree. Isn’t it time you use your vacation days to try something new? Maybe you want to stay in the holiday spirit but in a new vacation destination. Forget the wrapping paper and put away the tinsel… join us to check out these recommendations from Rubinsohn Travel for your next holiday getaway!

All aboard the Rubinsohn Express! Our first stop is Prague in the Czech Republic. The holiday season is magical in Prague with festive markets full of foods, jewelry, candles, homemade goods, and much more. Prague’s famous markets in Old Town Square will satisfy any of your festive cravings. Be sure to try Prague’s famous ‘trdelník’, a hot sugar coated pastry, and a warm cup of ‘svařák’, also known as mulled wine.

The next stop on the Rubinsohn Express is a few hundred kilometers to the west in the city of Nuremberg, Germany. Prepare to be transported into a winter wonderland at Christkindlemarkt, Germany’s historic holiday market. Try Nuremberg’s sausage, gingerbread, and other world-famous holiday treats. If you want to kick back and enjoy all of the festive decorations, tour the market on a stagecoach with a real horse and coachmen. Make sure you visit the world’s largest advent calendar before you leave!

We hope you packed a bathing suit for this next stop on the Rubinsohn Express! Located in the Eastern part of the Caribbean Sea, the island of St. Lucia is the perfect warm holiday destination. St. Lucia’s annual Festival of Lights is sure to blow you away with streets full of fireworks, handmade lanterns, and traditional song and dance. Experience this exciting cultural holiday and join the festivities, and participate in the traditional lantern making competition.

Our final stop is a little closer to home, but we saved the best for last! New York City… known for some of the most spectacular holiday attractions in the world! A holiday season staple in the Big Apple is in the Rockefeller Center Plaza. Ice skate at the Rink, admire the impressive tree with over 30,000 lights or watch a show at Radio City Music Hall. You will be swept away by the holiday wonders offered in New York City.

Ready to try out a new vacation destination for your next holiday? Let Rubinsohn Travel help you plan! Visit our website or give us a call at (215) 886-5200. We are excited to hear from you!

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017 03:00

Vacation with Your Favorite Mates Down Under

Looking for a luxury vacation to escape the brisk Autumn air? Rubinsohn Travel has the perfect spot for you. Take a trip down under and enjoy the fresh Spring air in Australia. Explore Australia’s aquatic and coastal experiences, great cuisine, never-ending list of wine and food events, as well as access to nature and wildlife. Australia offers personalized luxury experiences and accommodations that range from vineyard retreats, to island hideaways, and outback camps that give new meaning to the concept of vacationing. The Oz is in full blossom, allowing you to experience the most luxurious getaway.

From the crystal-clear waters of the coast, the bright corals of the reef, to the tawny red outback and the vibrant food and wine regions, Australia redefines what it means to escape into luxury. At Rubinsohn Travel, we want you to know that you deserve to kick your feet up and let others do the work for once. By planning your Australian getaway with us, you will have a front row seat as we unfold the unparalleled luxury that you won’t experience elsewhere. Whether you want to sail through the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, taste and experience the divine Australian food and wine, or explore the great Oz through trails and valleys, Rubinsohn Travel can create an itinerary perfect for you.

Whitsunday Sailings has become a beloved activity amongst individuals visiting the Queensland (Northeast) region of Australia. Individuals can experience the inhabited islands tucked inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the Coral Sea, while enjoying the pure and refreshing surrounding air. The Great Barrier Reef is home to over 100 islands with each island offering its own unique adventure. Filled with wildlife, mesmerizing views, and over 1,500 species of tropical fish to swim with, Whitsunday Sailings doesn’t end there. During this 10-day romantic excursion, get ready for amazing snorkeling and diving, the resort atmosphere of Hamilton and South Molle Islands, the legendary exquisiteness of Whitehaven Beach, and the incredible serenity of sailing.

Not into sailing? The experts at Rubinsohn Travel still have you covered! We understand a thing-or-two about traveling foodies and Australia is a top-notch destination to indulge in a unique wine experience for wine lovers alike. Australia has more than 2,400 wineries in 65 regions around the country and takes pride in its crisp Chardonnay and dry Shiraz. If you are a wine-o or enjoy the most exquisite cuisine, Rubinsohn Travel can pinpoint the best spots for you. Ultimate Winery Experiences throughout Australia is a combination of high-end, award-winning wineries offering behind-the-scene wine, food and wine pairings, wine blending and cooking classes, and picnics in spectacular locations. The wineries included in the distinct memorable experience feature high-quality restaurants, accommodations, and exclusive tours, allowing visitors to personally interact with the product, the winemaker and enjoy first-hand, the rich diversity that Australia’s many wine regions have to offer.

Aside from the amazing wine the Oz has to offer, Australia is distinctly known for its outback, and we’re not talking about the American steakhouse chain. In each region that you visit in Australia, you’re sure to find a bit of outback. The Outback is generally used to refer to locations that are comparatively more remote than areas outside the main urban areas. If you’re looking for a nice stroll to end your day, head to the horse treks on Home Valley Station, a working cattle farm in the Kimberly region. After you ride through and witness the breathtaking views, you can take a helicopter or 4WD tour to maximize your experience. Want to just relax? Walk through a luminescent valley and swim beneath a breathtaking waterfall.

There is something for everyone to enjoy down under, in OZ, and Rubinsohn Travel wants you to create the memories that will last a lifetime.

Australian Travel Tips:

  • The currency is Australian dollars (AUD) and comes in $5, $10, $ 20, $50, and $100
  • It is common to tip 10 per cent of the bill
  • Legal drinking age is 18
  • Emergency number is 000
  • English is the primary language, however it is a multicultural nation

All right mates, give it a burl (try it, have a go) and when you’re ready to begin planning your trip with Rubinsohn Travel, give us a call at (215)-886-5200. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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October is here, and that means autumn, gold, and rust colored leaves, pumpkin carving, and best of all spooky adventures. The kids are excited for costumes and candy, while the adults are ready for haunted houses, and killer parties. Whatever it is you’re interested in doing, Rubinsohn Travel knows how to get you there.

October is the best time for pumpkin picking, hayrides, and trick-or-treating. The Tom Thumb Pumpkin Patch in Dallas brings together 90,000 pumpkins to create a pumpkin village with scavenger hunts and themed pumpkin hayrides for all. In California, Cool Patch Pumpkins offers the world’s largest corn maze, and a host of fall flavors for the family to taste. If you’re looking for somewhere closer to home, Rubinsohn Travel can help you with that too. Linvilla Orchard is located in Pennsylvania, with activities like pumpkin, strawberry, and apple picking as well as hayrides and a witch house. The hotels are located close to the orchard, so it’s the perfect place to visit.

What is October without a trip to a haunted house or two? Rubinsohn Travel wants you to have tons of fun and be completely spooked. Creepy World in Missouri is filled with bloody bathtubs and spooky radioactive military zombies. In Colorado, you can visit the 13th Floor Haunted House with fire dancers, crazed rats and ghosts on every floor. Other top sinister sites to visit are, Nightmare on 13th in Utah, The Haunted Hotel in California, and The House of Torment in Texas.

If you just want to relax or even party hard on your October trip, Rubinsohn Travel can help you with that too. A trip to Vermont this time of year could help you relax by enjoying the flourishing beautiful leaves, and going wine tasting at local vineyards such as Shelburne, Fresh Tracks, or Putney Winery. However, if you’re looking for an awesome party, we can help you get to the Texas State Fair where there will be attractions, dancing, and you could even be a taste-tester for the Big Tex Choice Awards.

Wherever this October takes you, Rubinsohn Travel will be there every step of the way to help you experience it all. To begin planning your trip Rubinsohn Travel, call (215)-886-5200. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017 03:00

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

The summer is ending, which means it’s time for fuzzy sweaters, boots, hats, scarves, and something else. The best season to travel (Fall) has arrived! Rubinsohn Travel wants you to know that fall traveling means lower traveling prices, an abundance of festivals, and fewer crowds.

Prices are lower traveling in the fall because children are back in school, and families have already used most of their vacation days during the summer. With the decrease in travelers, airlines, hotels, cruise, and resorts lower their prices to attract more business. This makes the fall an ideal time to travel if you are on a budget, and with the help of Rubinsohn Travel it will be a worthwhile vacation.

During the fall the weather is milder, the leaves are changing, and fall cuisine is in full effect. Fall is the best time to visit places that are known for apples, pears, squash, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes, such as Dwight Miller Orchard in Vermont, China, Egypt, and Turkey.

Festivals are in full bloom during the fall, and full of cultural experiences. The Diwali Festival of Lights is celebrated in India to commemorate the victory of light over darkness and is a breathtaking spectacle of lights. In Germany, thousands of spectators come to watch the annual Duck Race, which features 7,000 rubber ducks dumped into the Neckar River and is extremely amusing. The Festival of the Dashian can be very intriguing, showing the Nepalese people celebrating the victory of good over evil. These and many other amazing festivals are just a phone call away with the help of Rubinsohn Travel!

Trips for Traveling Abroad

  • Get your passport at least two months before your trip
  • Research the culture and customs before you travel to avoid cultural miscommunication
  • Travel with a friend or family member
  • Notify your bank and credit card company that you will be traveling
  • Check your cell-phone carriers for international calling
  • Make sure you know the exchange rates and currency

Rubinsohn Travel would love to help you experience all that the season has to offer. To begin planning your trip with Rubinsohn Travel, call (215) 886-5200. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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