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Monday, 18 October 2021 12:46


Modena 2Modena is about an hours drive from Bologna. Parking near the city center is only for 20 or 30 minutes so it’s best to find a parking garage. The rates are reasonable and you can walk the short distance into the old city.

The Piazza Roma has many eateries around and is home to the Palazzo Ducale. Don’t forget to purchase Balsamic vinegar and Parmesan reggiano cheese..Modena’s claim to fame.

If you’re a car buff, a stop at the Ferrari Museum is a must. Modena’s other famous native son was Luciano Pavarotti and his home can be toured if you’re interested.

You can spend a busy day here enjoying all that Modena had to offer.


About a half hour past Modena, the city of Parmesan cheese and Parma ham beckons. It’s best to park your car and walk. There’s tons of shopping and restaurants are everywhere. This is a university town and lots of students crowd the streets and eateries.

Modena 1

The Piazza Garibaldi is a good place to explore a number of historical buildings and to absorb the local atmosphere while indulging in Parma’s culinary delights.

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