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Wednesday, 27 February 2019 03:00

Plan on Pamplona

The winter weather has been dragging on, but we want to spring ahead to summer. Rubinsohn Travel (215)886-5200 has been hard at work planning the best summer vacations yet. Our most recent pick is Pamplona, Spain. 

Pamplona is most well-known for San Fermín, a festival held throughout the streets of the city every year during the second week of July. The festival is otherwise known for its event, the Running of the Bulls. But it is not just about the bulls, it consists of multiple activities for both the people that live there and for tourists. The beginning of the festival takes place on July 6th with a chupinazo (rocket) being set off. Parades and processions around the Saint Fermín statue take place, and fireworks are also set off every night. Spectators enjoy food and drinks as they take in the traditional events. Adrenaline-lovers often like to take part in the running of the bulls. Each day the running of the bulls starts in the morning, and ends in a bull ring, where bull fights take place. Some say it is a little too dangerous, so instead many people enjoy renting balconies that line the streets to see everything from a safer spot. San Fermín is definitely a great time to visit Pamplona. 

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Pamplona offers so much more than just the festival. Pamplona is the capital of Navarre, and has rich history dating back to the Roman times. This gives visitors many amazing places to see. One of these places is the Plaza del Castillo. The plaza is the center point of the city where many people socialize and relax. The stunning architecture surrounding the shops and restaurants make this town square area the perfect place to hang with friends. 

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A more historic site to visit in Pamplona is the city walls and the citadel. The walls were built by the Romans to fortify the city. They still stand today showing off the renovations that were made to them in the 1500s. The citadel was built in the 1500s, and was joined onto the walls. It now forms the shape of a pentagon. Today, the walls and citadel are used as a place for visitors to enjoy by walking around, having picnics, and listening to outdoor concerts.

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The Museo de Navarra is another must-see in Pamplona. The museum used to be a hospital in medieval times, and later was transformed to what it is today. Take a tour throughout the museum and see the artwork. It features work from artists throughout the centuries, and even has archeological remains from prehistoric times. 

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Pamplona, Spain has even more to see and do. Don’t wait any longer to book your summer getaway. Call Rubinsohn Travel (215)886-5200 today and let us help you plan for Pamplona.

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