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Wednesday, 02 January 2019 03:00

Bringing Love to the New Year

Spending time with loved ones is a staple for the holiday season. It brings family members together and even sometimes brings new marriage engagements. After the holidays wind down, it becomes wedding planning time. Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 has the perfect places to book a dreamy destination wedding for your special day.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is one of the top places for destination weddings. It offers an array of resorts that have all-inclusive packages for you and your guests to enjoy your stay without worrying about extra fees. The clear ocean, and white sand beaches give the perfect place for a sunset beach wedding. 

Don’t only plan the wedding though, the D.R. also has many activities for your guests to enjoy together before and after the big day. There are multiple ATV buggy adventures, zip-lining and day boat rides that feature snorkeling, to have fun on! You can turn your wedding into a week-long vacation to spend with your new spouse and family.

19 01 02 new year 1


If you would like a different destination, other than a tropical spot for your wedding, Ireland is the place to go. Ireland is full of interesting history with castles, small towns, and endless beautiful scenery. 

There are countless beautiful hotels in Ireland that are just a short drive away from some of the castles and gardens to take gorgeous wedding photos at. In fact, you can even stay in a castle if you really want the medieval, historical feel. Ireland is a large place so if you feel stuck on where to begin, we can help you choose the perfect part of Ireland that suits exactly what you imagine.

After you tie the knot, plan other activities for your group to do together. Some favorites are going to the Blarney Castle, visiting the Cliffs of Moher, seeing the Ring of Kerry, trying a Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse, and touring the Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden. There are so many places to see and experience in Ireland to top off your wedding in a way everyone would love.

19 01 02 new year 2

Call Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 today to start booking the wedding of your dreams in a place made for fairytales.

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Wednesday, 26 December 2018 03:00

Need a Vacation After Vacation? Rubinsohn Can Help!

The holiday season is full of family time and fun events. But, with so much going on, it can be exhausting. Sometimes holiday vacation leaves you feeling run down, and like you need another mini getaway to recuperate. Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 understands this, so we have created a list of a couple places you can travel to for a mini vacation, without spending a fortune so soon after holiday expenses. 

Our first place we chose is the Pocono Mountains. Whether you want to be active on your mini trip or just relax, the Poconos are perfect. Not only are they easy to travel to, but they are also affordable. When you are there you can pick from an array of ways to spend your time. Activities range from snowboarding and skiing, snow tubing, to even zip lining. If you’re looking for more relaxation, spend your time enjoying the views of the winter weather and take a trip to the spa. There are even adult-only resorts if you have had enough of family time with kids for the season. 

The second destination we chose is the Jersey Shore. After the holiday season, the shore is considerably a quieter place to visit. Towns such as Cape May, Stone Harbor, and Avalon are great places to go to if you want some peace and quiet. All three towns are relaxing destinations with many restaurants and shops to allow visitors to walk around and enjoy.  Even though it is cold, a nice stroll on the beach this time of year can clear anyone’s head from holiday stress. If you are more interested in nightlife, Atlantic City might be the shore town destination for you. AC offers many casinos, clubs, bars, and restaurants to enjoy. They also have outlet stores for some shopping. Unlike what is seen on the TV show, Jersey Shore, the shore towns actually offer a great getaway to relax after the season’s craziness. 

The last destination we picked is Philadelphia. The city has options for everyone to enjoy. You can keep the holiday festivities going by enjoying ice skating at Penn’s Landing, or you can relax in a nice hotel with room service. Philly has so many historical sites to see. Even just taking a stroll through Old City and Center City is a great experience. After enjoying the city, decide what type of food you want and chose a restaurant that will satisfy your cravings. 

The Poconos, the Jersey Shore, and Philadelphia are all great destinations that are affordable and fun after dealing with holiday stress. Book with Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 today to plan the perfect mini vacation!

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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 03:00

Embrace the Winter Weather

Many people can agree that winter is not their favorite season. The cold winds, hassle of snow, and darker skies can make winter bland and gloomy. But why be miserable all season when you can plan a getaway to somewhere that will make you fall in love with winter? Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 has found the perfect destination that will make everyone enjoy the winter weather as if they were a kid again.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Along the border with Italy in the Swiss Alps lies a small town called Zermatt. Zermatt has a population of about 5,800 people with an economy that thrives on tourism. The mountain and ski resort village is a great destination that features an array of activities in a winter wonderland atmosphere. 

As a town that is surrounded almost entirely by the Pennine Alps, there are great mountains and trails for skiing. The town itself is located on the southern end of Matter Valley. The alps’ peaks include Monte Rosa, Dom, Liskamm, Weisshorn, and the Matterhorn, the main peak. These peaks reach up to over 15,000 feet high. Skiing down the Matterhorn trails is the most popular of attractions for tourists. Ski lifts, cable cars, and chairlifts are available to get to the top of the mountain to start your skiing adventure. For the more extreme adventurists, Zermatt even has its own snowpark to try out freestyle tricks.

If you are not thrilled about skiing, there are other outdoor activities to participate in that will allow you to still see the beauty of the mountains. Snowshoeing and hiking are very popular. There are different levels of hiking trails from easy to medium so anyone can go. The hiking trails not only offer a fun way to get outdoors, but they also give views of the mountain peaks and historic insight. Snowshoeing trails are offered on different levels too. When you choose to snowshoe on Gornergrat, you will be able to take in the best view in town, the Matterhorn. 

18 12 19 embrace winter 1

The view alone is not always enough. Make sure to visit the Matterhorn Museum to learn about the history behind the mountain and the development of Zermatt itself. The town was developed in the 19thcentury as a farming village. The museum takes you through what old houses looked like and climbing equipment from the first ascent of the mountain. 

Zermatt has an Old Village section that is great for visitors to walk through. There are barns, stores, stables, and houses in the village. When you’re strolling these narrow streets, you will truly feel like you have been taken back in time. Making this back-in-time “feel” come to life even more, Zermatt is also known for not having any cars in the town. Although they do have electric buses and taxis, they do not allow cars due to pollution they may bring. Zermatt keeps their air free of pollution in order to make sure their sights of the peaks don’t disappear or become clouded. 

Zermatt is one of Rubinsohn Travel’s (215) 886-5200 favorite destinations. This wintery paradise is one to visit! Call us now to book your vacation here. 

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Aries are fearless trailblazers with a constant wanderlust and need for travel. If you are an Aries, the Whistler Resort in British Columbia is the perfect spot for you, as it provides over 8,100 acres of terrain and more than 200 marked runs and is a haven for skiers and snowboarders. If you’re seeking a challenge and a thrill, the Whistler Blackcomb mountains, site of the 2010 Winter Olympics is the place for you. There is also Whistler Olympic Park where you can go snowshoeing, tobogganing, fat biking, cross country skiing, and more. Lastly, there is Crystal Hut, a cozy log cabin on the top of the mountain, where you can rest and enjoy their famous all-day Belgian waffles. 


If you are a Taurus you have a taste for luxury and the finer things in life. The upscale ski village of Gstaad, located in the Swiss Alps is the perfect place for you. The luxury hotel has a 20,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor spa and pool complex, which features a sunroom, and a sauna. There is also a nightclub which is open nightly throughout the winter. This luxury hotel, surrounded by the Alps, is sure to please. 


Geminis are the life of the party. They need to travel to places that keep them moving and offer a wide range of fun activities, which is why Miami Beach-with its great beaches, lively atmosphere and exciting nightlife-is perfect for them. Currently, The Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club, featuring 77 spacious guest rooms and five cabana studios, is the hotspot in Miami. The Freehand Miami is one the city’s best bars and offers an impressive list of cocktails. If you’re a Gemini, Miami is the city for you. The city offers a myriad of hang-out spots and you’ll never be bored. 


Cancers are homebodies at heart and feel most comfortable in a cozy environment with their close friends. For this reason, Scribner’s Catskill Lodge-located right outside the Catskill Mountains-is perfect for you. Cancers can explore the 20 acres of the Catskill Mountains located in the proximity. After a long day of hiking you can take a short drive down the road to Phoenicia Diner, a local restaurant serving food like all-day breakfast and free-range beef. This vacation package-simple and sweet-is perfect for Cancers. 


Leos have a big personality and love luxury and attention. They need somewhere glitzy and glamourous which will give them the feeling of exclusivity that they seek, which is why Aspen Colorado, located 8,000 feet above sea level, is a perfect place for them. Aspen, a rich man’s playground, offers places like The Little Nell where you have chances of running into a celebrity. However, it is most known for is its ski resorts like Aspen Snowmass-a 3,000-acre resort in the Aspen mountains. Aspen, one of the wealthiest towns in America, is sure to provide Cancers with the entertainment they seek. 


Virgos are very introspective and love to be enriched both intellectually and emotionally. Prague, the UNESCO World Heritage capital of Czech Republic known as the “City of a Thousand Spires,” possesses a rich history and is a great place for them to enrich their knowledge while relaxing. You can tour Old Town, a centuries-old town square filled with colorful baroque buildings, medieval taverns, and the widely known Astronomical Clock. There is also the Charles Bridge, a 15thcentury piece of architecture which crosses the 267 mile-long Vlatava River. 


Libras are very romantic people, interested in the emotional connections with those around them. Fairmont Banff Springs, located in Alberta Canada is the perfect place for these romantics. The historic hotel is located in Banff National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This year-round mountain resort offers a championship golf course in the summer, skiing in the winter and a top-notch spa. The dining selection is also one of a kind, offering immaculate dining service and an upscale sushi bar.


Scorpios are hard to please as they will not accept an average vacation. They are looking for a vacation which will fill them with life changing experiences and plenty of excitement, and there is no better place for this than Iceland. The remote 700,000-year-old volcanic island Snaefellsnes Peninsula is the perfect place for them. On this island, you will find Hotel Budir, an old-fashioned and modest spot which offers five-star dining. You can also visit Vatnajökull Glacier, one of the largest glaciers in Europe. During the winter, blue ice caves form beneath the surface, creating an amazing display. Iceland is not your average vacation destination and is sure to satisfy picky Scorpios. 


Full of wanderlust, Sagittariuses are both curious and adventurous. Nicaragua is the perfect place for a Sagittarius as it offers exploration to destinations that very few have traversed. If you want to truly experience Nicaragua, you should book a private tour of Granada, a 16th-century colonial city located in the shadow of the Mombacho volcano. If you are truly a daredevil you can head to the Cerro Negro volcano and try ash boarding, a sport in which you skid down the side of a volcano.  If you love to adventure and explore, Nicaragua is the place for you. 


Capricorns love to challenge themselves by engaging in activities that breed a sense of accomplishment, even on vacation. This is why an adrenaline-pumping exploration through Alaska would be perfect for them. Capricorns can challenge themselves by snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or heli-skiing through the Alaskan backcountry. This may seem like a fantasy, but it is all possible at Winterlake Lodge, a historic piece of land reachable only by ski plane. The Winterlake Lodge, surrounded by mountains, glaciers, and the historic Iditarod Trail, is perfect for Capricorns. 


Aquariuses are different from other signs, as they are free thinkers and choose to go for that which is unorthodox and unique. For this reason, Cuba, a destination less traveled, would be good for them. A visit to Cuba is like entering a time machine where you go back in time to 1957. Cuba unlike other countries, remains basically unchanged by the outside world. The city of Havana, the capital of Cuba, is old-fashioned in its technology and way of life, something an Aquarius may like. Havana’s Hotel Nacional de Cuba, located on the coast, is one the nation’s best hotels and offers an old-fashioned, yet enjoyable stay. However, if you are looking for something flashier you may prefer the new (2017) Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski with its own cigar and rum bar, contemporary art collection, 10,000-square-foot spa, and rooftop pool.


Pisces are very artistic and have an appreciation of that which is vibrant and naturally beautiful. For this reason, Cambodia would be the perfect travel destination for them. Cambodia offers a rich, vibrant culture, year-round tropical weather, and low travel fares-if you travel in the winter. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, two of the most traveled cities, both offer rich cultural history and insight into the traditions of Cambodia. However, if you truly want to get engaged in Cambodian culture you should visit Angkor Wat, a Buddhist templebuilt in the early 12th century and the largest religious monument in the world, covering 400 acres. Cambodia is very unique and a perfect travel destination for Pisces.

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Wednesday, 05 December 2018 03:00

Give Yourself the Gift of Traveling to Japan

Winter has arrived and with it, the preparation for the Christmas season. Many people are working hard, stressing themselves over what they will buy for their loved ones. However, you shouldn’t let this be you. You have worked the whole year, and it’s time for you to think about yourself. Instead of buying gifts for others think about your interests and treat yourself to an exotic vacation like Japan, the Land of Rising Sun. We know that you are tired of visiting the same old routine spots, but no worries, Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 is here to save the day. We included a list of the best places to visit if you want to experience the unique traditions, history, and culture of Japan.

Samurai Castles: Japan, being one of the oldest nations in the world, is well renowned for its ancient history; including the feudal era of the samurai, a class of military officers and servants ruled by feudal lords. Their history remains well-preserved in Japan, as various samurai castles remain scattered throughout the country. Some famous castles include Himeji, Nagoya, Hirosaki, and Matsuyama castle, which stands at a whopping 433 feet tall. These castles are open to the public and they are great tourist destinations, as they offer insight into Japan’s thousand-year history.

Tokyo: In Japan, there are many things to do, and Tokyo is the best place to experience the variety it has to offer. You can visit Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Tower, an observation deck overlooking the whole city, or Ueno Park. You may also visit Odaiba, an artificial island in Tokyo Bay providing high-tech entertainment. There are malls, sushi bars, and science museums where visitors may interact with robots.

Tokyo Imperial Palace: While in Tokyo you can also visit the Imperial Palace, home to Emperor Akihito. The Imperial Palace carries with it much history, as it is home to the oldest continuing monarchical house in the world. Each day thousands of tourists come by and visit the elaborately ornate palace.

Hot Springs: When you are done exhausting your options in the city you may travel to one of Japan’s many hot springs. Manza Onsen, located in South-Western Japan is one of the best hot springs the island has to offer. Located 6,000 feet above sea level high on the slopes of Mount Shirane, the Manza resort is of sublime quality. The hot spring offers highly acidic water obtained from Mount Shirane, which is known to provide various health benefits through improving metabolism and blood circulation.

Life is too short to let great opportunities like this pass you by. Take a chance and live your best life by choosing Rubinsohn Travel. Click to find travel deals to Japan or call (215) 886-5200.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018 03:00

Travel to the Best Shopping Cities for Black Friday

Thanksgiving is here and with it comes loads of laughs and plenty of turkey as you spend quality time with your family. However, the fun does not end there. After stuffing yourself with loads of stuffing and turkey, you must prepare yourself for a shopping spree as you celebrate Black Friday. Everyone loves to shop and Rubinsohn Travel (215)886-5200 has prepared a top-notch list of the best places all across the US where you can get great deals and experience sight-seeing attractions.

New York City-This one may seem a bit obvious, but it’s always the best place to go and shop. New York is a grand city and it has thousands of stores where you can get great bargains. The city literally never sleeps, and as a result you can shop till you drop. New York has a myriad of sellers, catering to its diverse audience. When you’re finally done emptying your pockets you can always visit one of the city’s many attractions, which include Central Park, Times Square, or the Empire State Building.

Boston-If you’re looking for a place with great history, malls, and eateries, look no further than this city. Carrying much history, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US and to call it “old” would be an understatement. Boston has plenty of great stores. You can begin your shopping adventure onNewbury Street, where you’ll find many great stores, then make your way downtown to the garment district. When you’re finally done you can end your day with a game at the Garden where you’ll see the Boston Celtics play.

Houston-Everything is bigger in Texas, including the malls. If you’re looking for a place exclusively for shopping look no further than Houston, Texas. The city boasts of one of the biggest malls in the country, The Galleria. The mall, containing a myriad of stores, is also home to an ice skating rink at the bottom level. Shop till you drop, and when you’re done maybe you’ll go for a lap around the rink.

Los Angeles– The city of angels is also home to some of the best stores. Whether you’re downtown or on the outskirts of the city, you’ll be able to find some of the best black Friday deals in this city. Many prefer to shop on the boulevard of stars, where you can find many great stores while admiring the imprints of the famous. Los Angeles is not only terrific for shopping, but also it is THE city to enjoy the stardom and mystique that comes with the area.

Your vacation awaits. Call Rubinsohn Travel (215)886-5200 to book a trip today.

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Wednesday, 07 November 2018 03:00

London Calling

The Philadelphia Eagles flew into London, England recently and left their mark at Wembley Stadium where they played the Jacksonville Jaguars. Whether you follow football or not, it is probably safe to say that we were all a little jealous of their trip. But, there’s no need to sit around wishing you could be there. Now Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 can book you the London vacation of a lifetime. We scoped out some of the best places to visit in London so you can stay on the ball of your trip planning.

Tower of London: The Tower of London is a must-see attraction. The tower is located in central London on the north bank of the River Thames. This historical site is over 900 years old. The Tower of London has been used for many purposes throughout its life including a royal residence, housing the Royal Mint, an armory, home of the Crown Jewels of England, and a prison. With the tower’s changing purposes, there is a surplus of history to see and learn here. They offer many tours that are interesting to all.

18 11 07 london 1

Coca-Cola London Eye: The Coca-Cola London Eye is Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel and is located on the south bank of the River Thames. The London Eye is one of the tallest viewing points for visitors to see London from. This attraction allows visitors to take a ride and see the beauty of London from above, a sight you don’t want to miss! Riders can purchase different ticket options so they can have their best experience the way they want it to be. You can even rent a capsule for your wedding!

18 11 07 london 2

St. Paul’s Cathedral: Whether you observe religion or not, St. Paul’s Cathedral is a destination of pure beauty and peace. The cathedral was rebuilt in the 16thcentury after the Great Fire of London. The architecture style in the church is English Baroque. Its dome is the outermost recognizable point to tourists. The art filled church is not just for sightseeing, it is still used to observe mass and prayer services under the denomination of the Church of England.

18 11 07 london 3

Buckingham Palace: Everyone knows about the Buckingham Palace and the royalty of it. The outside of the palace is popularly seen in movies and on TV. It is a staple of London. This palace houses many royals with private apartments within. It is the administrative headquarters for the monarch. The Buckingham Palace has tours that show off the grand rooms and grounds filled with art and elegance. When visiting don’t forget to take a picture in front of the beautiful gates and straight-faced guards! Fun Fact: The flag that flies above the palace has an extra meaning. When the Queen is in residence, the Royal Standard flag flies. When she is not there, the Union flag flies instead.

18 11 07 london 4

Abbey Road: Last but not least, you can’t miss out on getting an iconic shot of walking across Abbey Road just like The Beatles! This picture has become a tourist favorite after The Beatles released their album “Abbey Road” in 1969.

18 11 07 london 5

Be like our Eagles and fly to the great destination of London, England! Book with Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 to get the best deals for your trip! Don’t forget to try the fish and chips while you’re there!

18 11 07 london 6

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018 03:00

Don’t Let Planning Spook You

Halloween is here, and with it the festivities and ambiance of the season. However, there is always room to prepare for the festivities of next year. The celebration of Halloween brings with it much joviality and liveliness, and thus it is a perfect time for getaway vacations. Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 wants you to live your best life, and we have prepared a list of getaway destinations to help you accomplish your travel goals. These destinations will not cost you much, as Rubinsohn Travel 215-886-5200 provides value deals on these travel packages.

Salem, MA:Home to Salem Witch Trials of 1692, Salem, Massachusetts carries with it an eerie history perfect for those seeking frights during the Halloween season. The city hosts an annual month-long Halloween festival, Haunted Happenings, kicking off with a grand parade in early October and coming to a close with a firework display over Salem Harbor on Halloween night. There are also theatrical productions, carnival rides, haunted attractions, and costume balls; all of which attract thousands of costume-donned tourists.

Maui, Hawaii:Hawaii is known mostly for its beaches and volcanoes, but on Halloween night the island becomes a festive haven for those looking to celebrate Halloween. Food stands and live bands are set up, as thousands of costume-donned citizens take to the streets. The Halloween in Lahaina party, also known as the “Mardi Gras of the Pacific,” is a different take on Halloween, displaying a more playful side to the often macabre celebration. Such a setting is perfect for both adults and children.

Dallas, Texas:Possessing a rich history and an illustrious sports culture, Dallas, Texas is also a prime candidate for those seeking to travel during the fall. Dallas is widely known for holding the acclaimed Texas State Fair (late September-late October). The Texas State Fair, held annually since 1866, is famous for hosting various attractions, such as pig races, food vending, and rodeos.

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany:If you are looking for a festive vacation involving folk culture and drink, look no further than Oktoberfest, an 18-day festival celebrating German culture where food and drink are heavily consumed. Globally attracting crowds of up to 6 million, Oktoberfest is the largest and longest running folk festival in the world.

Mexico City, Mexico:During the season of Halloween, Mexicans celebrate Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), a celebration honoring past loved ones. Mexicans celebrate the lives of their loved ones by participating in various memorial events, cooking certain foods, and creating crafty altars and sugar skulls. A great tourist destination for both adults and children, Mexico City is a great place for those seeking to experience Mexican culture during Halloween.

You may have missed your opportunity to vacation this year, but there is always next year. With the great deals Rubinsohn Travel 215-886-5200 provides there is no reason to stay inside; go out and explore while living your best life! Call Rubinsohn Travel today at 215-886-5200.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018 03:00

Ring in the new year with Rubinsohn Travel

Everyone wants to ring in the New Year with fun plans! But, New Year’s Eve plans are not always easy to make. Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 can change that. Ring in 2019 at your perfect destination. We offer vacations that range from family friendly to an exciting night out on the town.

Family trips can be tough to plan. Between finding a time everyone is free and finding something everyone can enjoy, it becomes a hassle. The holidays are a perfect time to plan your trip. Take the opportunity of the kids being on winter breaks and travel somewhere they would love to enjoy the festivities. One great option is Aspen, Colorado.

Aspen, Colorado: Aspen, Colorado is known as a beautiful place full of ski resorts the whole family can enjoy. The four mountains to ski on include Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, and Snowmass. These range from beginner to expert level so everyone can participate. If you’re not into skiing don’t worry. Aspen has a great downtown that offers a variety of shops and restaurants. Spending the New Year’s Eve holiday here will offer great family fun along with fireworks celebrations to start the year right.

If you are looking to plan a more adult New Year’s Eve trip and enjoy nightlife, we have options for that too! Sometimes you need a little getaway filled with exciting nights. We can help you plan to party your way into the New Year at many destinations. Most people think of New York City to watch the ball drop, but for a more extravagant route one idea is Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, Nevada: Las Vegas is known for the wild and crazy nightlife. Between the clubs and upscale restaurants, you’re sure to have an interesting night. New Year’s Eve in Vegas amplifies the usual Vegas night. The Las Vegas Strip shuts down to give a giant block party feel ending with midnight fireworks. Downtown Vegas also offers an array of partying and fireworks to see.

Ring in the New Year with a great vacation! Contact us here to start planning your travelling desires!

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018 03:00

Spice Up Your Routine with a Spontaneous Vacation

“I need a vacation!” is a phrase we all say to ourselves at least a dozen times a month. But, no one is actually taking a vacation when this is said. You have your routines of waking up, going to work, coming home and going to bed. Where’s the fun in that? But now Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 has the perfect spontaneous adventure to book!

Travel to Paris and Normandy! From November 8 – 15, 2018 enjoy a 7-night cruise along the beautiful Seine River. You can also stay an extra two nights in Paris. Stops on the cruise include Paris, Les Andelys, Le Havre, Caudebec-en-Caux, Rouen, Vernon, Conflans, and back to Paris. Indulge in fine dining and entertainment on board while staying in our spacious suites.

If you are seeking fun activities this trip has options such as bike tours, hikes, and museums. You will have different choices every day to keep your vacation interesting and exciting. You can shake up your routine to keep you on your toes.

For those that need this vacation for relaxation there are more laid-back activities. Instead of going on full day excursions, half days are offered as well. There will be walking tours, tastings, and scenic cruising of course.

Normandy has a rich history from World War II. This trip will allow you to visit the Normandy landing beaches and go on a Jewish heritage walking tour. You can visit the palace gardens. Or venture way back in time and go on a medieval walking tour.

Life has a way of becoming routine Monday through Friday. Don’t let it pass by so quickly. Be spontaneous and book with us to spice it up! We can plan your perfect vacation so you won’t have any worries. If you would like to book this or any other trip call us today at (215) 886-5200. Take that vacation you keep saying you need. You deserve it!

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