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Wednesday, 10 October 2018 03:00

Winter is on the Way!

You awake from a good night’s rest, preparing for another laborious day at work, and as you look out your window, you notice something. The leaves outside on the trees are turning colors-an autumn brown, signifying the arrival of fall. Before you know it, winter will have arrived and you will be trapped in frigid winds and below 20 degree temperatures. No worries Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200, has your back, but you must take advantage of our winter deals immediately, as they do not last forever.

Nothing soothes a winter cold like a vacation to a nice tropical location with great beaches. Below we have listed some our best vacation spots with great deals to go along with them, all courtesy of Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic-If you are seeking a place with great beaches, nightlife, and recreation for children, Punta Cana is the place to be. Guests will stay at the Eden Roc, a luxurious hotel, offering amenities such as a full-service spa, signature Golf Course, a private beach club and a Koko Kids Club.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico-Who said that beach and bikini season was over! Possessing a myriad of beaches and nightlife spots, such as La Noche, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place for single as well as family vacations. On average, fall temperatures are at 89 degrees Fahrenheit, making this location the perfect place for those looking to escape the frigid winter winds.

Mykonos, Greece-Possessing warm Mediterranean weather and clear blue water, Mykonos, Greece is unrivaled as a vacation spot for tourists. This package could easily be yours, as Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200, offers a value deal.

Cruises-We also offer value cruises for those seeking to enjoy a different travel setting. Offering cruises from various fleets, such as Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line and Silversea, there are limitless possible locations to travel and enjoy yourself.

Before you know it, winter will have arrived, restricting your free time and vacation activity. Book a trip with us, and we’ll save you the time and expense of having to do it all yourself. Just remember, it’s never too late to enjoy yourself. If you are interested in learning more about our travel packages call Rubinsohn Travel today at (215) 886-5200, and you’ll be on your way to your next destination.

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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 03:00

What’s not to love about these deals?

Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 has the perfect deals on adventures. If you’ve been waiting to escape and adventure, explore the options below! We’re picking amazing places, while making sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Not to mention, all of these options are priced at a special rate that we’re offering just for you.

Viceroy, Santa Monica, California

Every inch of this hotel speaks chic and relaxation. There are palm trees to provide shade, and lounge chairs for those who want the sunshine. The extensive amount of pillows and comfortable seating will make you want to lie around the pool all day. For those itching for more than a pool, there are beaches just across the avenue from Viceroy. If you stay for 3 nights, Rubinsohn Travel will comp your 4th night! If you book with us, you’ll also receive complimentary, daily breakfast for two, and $40 food and beverage credit.

Santa Monica, CA is beautiful and worth exploring. You can visit the Santa Monica Pier, Palisades Park, or the Chess Park – where you can play on a human-scale chess board.

InterContinental Estoril, Portugal

Estoril, Portugal is a famous tourist destination, as the town is known to provide luxury stay and entertainment. InterContinental remains true to the essence of Estoril, while respecting the town’s history. The hotel itself is filled with plenty of attractions. There are interior and exterior pools with a pool bar, beautiful gardens, a spa, and a restaurant that serves fresh seafood. The hotel overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, which serves for a beautiful view in every room. Rubinsohn Travel is offering those traveling with kids, to take 15% off the kids’ room! When booking with us, each guest will be granted daily breakfast, and a $50 hotel credit per room.

While visiting Estoril, Portugal, you can stop by the exquisite Estoril Casino, explore the local beaches, and the Santa Marta Lighthouse.

Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa, Tucson, AZ

Miraval is located by the Catalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona, providing each guest with a beautiful overlook of the mountains. Staying at this resort will serve your body and mind right. The resort and spa offers luxurious spa treatments, and culinary lessons. Miraval is an amazing relaxation destination, but it also offers limitless outdoor activities. You can go horseback riding, mountain biking or hiking, or complete a challenge course – all with a very scenic background. If you stay 4 nights in a villa, Rubinsohn Travel will give you the 5th night for free. When booking with us, you will also receive a $100 credit to use towards spa services, private sessions, or other activities.

If you wish to leave and adventure around Tucson, visit the Saguaro National Park, or the unique Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Pick one of these three locations, and Rubinsohn Travel will apply the deals! Call now (215) 886-5200.

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Wednesday, 05 September 2018 03:00

Next Labor Day Weekend is Only a Year Away!

Labor Day weekend occurs at the perfect time; as summer is ending and the cooler weather approaches. It is your last chance for a final, summer hoorah! For some, it means the start of a new school year. For others, it is a well-deserved long weekend. Make sure next year’s Labor Day tops last weekend, and call Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 to finalize your trip!

Here are some of our suggestions for where to head next year:

Cape Cod, MA

This peninsula expands outward from mainland into the Atlantic Ocean. The beginning of September is a great time to visit Cape Cod, as many of the seasonal shops and businesses close up for the winter. You can enjoy the beach for the last time, or take a boat tour around the bay. After a full day of sun, head over to one of the many restaurants in the area for some fresh clams and other seafood. If you are tired of laying around on the beach, you can be a tourist for a day, as there is a lot to see. Enjoy exhibits of American art and historic American automobiles, along with breathtaking gardens, nature trails and waterfalls at Heritage Museums and Gardens. If you are traveling with kids, definitely visit Whydah Pirate Museum, where you can explore the world’s only pirate treasure alongside weapons, jewelry and clothing. If you like lighthouses, visit the Race Point Lighthouse or Nauset Lighthouse. Whatever you decide to do, you will not be bored in Cape Cod, MA.

Savannah, GA

Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and it is filled with old charm and history. One of the most memorable aspects of Savannah, are the magnificent mansions in the the city’s several historic districts. Savannah and its historic districts, are best to be explored by foot or from a horse carriage. That is one of the reasons why Labor Day weekend is the fitting time to explore the city, as the weather is comfortable enough for walks or carriage rides. Along with beautiful mansions, you can spot lush gardens and elegant squares with fountains. While in Savannah, you should also visit the Forsyth Park, where you can relax in the shade by a beautiful, massive fountain. If you enjoy spending time in museums, Savannah offers plenty of house museums, but you should make a point to see Telfair Academy, which is the oldest art museum in the South.

Grapevine, TX

Instead of heading to the Texas’ capital, spend next year’s Labor Day weekend in Grapevine. As the name of the city suggests, Grapevine is home to spectacular wineries, so you can spend your weekend celebrating with wine. Labor Day marks the end of SummerBlast in Grapevine, which is a series of fun events and festivals that occur every year throughout the summer. You will definitely catch the last of the festivities at every corner. In addition, the historic downtown district has a lot of artisan workshops that you can explore, including bronze working, artisanal glassblowing, and you can even find a blacksmith shop. The historic district also offers a collection of charming, shops, restaurants and art galleries. Grapevine knows how to throw a party!

You can be celebrating too, call Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 and we will ensure partying is all you have to worry about during your next Labor Day’s trip.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2018 03:00

Adult camp is just what you need next summer

Around the US, several locations are creating the perfect summer camp experience, except this time, the kids are the ones staying behind.

Adult camps are for anyone who misses the childhood fun of summer camps, or any individual who wishes to do something different and adventurous.

Next time you want to get away, call Rubinsohn Travel 215-886-5200, and we will find the experience you’re looking for! Meanwhile, read some of our suggestions below:

Camp Thrillist, Connecticut

This amazing, lakeside summer camp transforms into an adult camp for an unforgettable weekend retreat. You can leave your responsibilities behind, and indulge in a variety of summer camp activities. Camp Thrillist offers zip lining, boating, archery, slip and slide, dance parties, kickball, and more! To top it all off, there is unlimited cold beer, and the food is served right off the grill. For those interested in learning that weekend, Camp Thrillist features chef-lead grilling courses and mixology classes. Since there is no counselors around, you can pick which activities to enjoy and for how long. Sounds like a great time? Call Rubinsohn Travel to secure all of your bookings for next summer.

Moab Under Canvas, Utah

This camp’s mission is to provide thrilling adventures during the day, and luxury camping at night. Moab has taken summer camps and camping, to the next level. You can spend the day rafting, hiking, biking, rock-climbing, horseback riding, and even go on a hot air balloon! After an exhausting day, you can rest in one of the camp’s deluxe tents. Far from ordinary, these tents include a private bathroom and bedroom, with real wood floors and wood burning stoves. Enjoy the beauty of Utah combined with the excitement of summer camping, and call Rubinsohn Travel to ensure your getaway is perfectly planned.

Soul Camp, NY and CA

Another great, adult sleepaway camp that focuses on play and exploration. This camp is suiting for anyone looking to truly relax and clear their head. Soul Camp offers activities such as yoga, meditation, fire burning, astrology, organic farming and arts and crafts. Days at the camp are structured around group meals and outdoor activities, as well as talents shows, concerts and late night dance parties. Soul Camp serves food that’s both healthy and delicious, including organic fresh fruit and veggies.

Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 can help you find the experience you are looking for, promising to take the stress off and take care of every booking arrangement. Do not wait! Adventure is waiting.

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Wednesday, 08 August 2018 03:00

Your next reunion does not have to wait

Summer might be coming to an end, but that does not mean everyone should go back to their cubicles, waiting for next Summer to arrive. Schedule your next group reunion with Rubinsohn Travel by calling 215-886-5200. Rubinsohn Travel has experience working with groups and takes away the hassle that comes with booking for multiple people. Bill and Deborah Rubinsohn will make sure all of your guests needs are met. All you have to do now is just pick a place! Here are some suggestions for fun group activities:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Grab your group and head over to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can tour the Brewing History Museum and taste the Milwaukee beer. You can quickly walk through the museum in 30 minutes, or take your time and spend the day learning more about the brewing industry, while enjoying a pint with your friends. Instead of playing the same old board games while sitting around on your couch, join your friends to a real-life game of escape. Escape MKE offers different variations of real-life escape rooms, fully stocked with clocks, locks, secret passages, etc. There are five unique missions for your group to explore and figure out an escape.

Napa Valley, California

Great food, amazing wine, and beautiful landscapes. What else could you need? Calistoga Ranch offers guest lodges that are great for a group. Your group can relax in the warming bath offered by the ranch, surrounded by ancient oaks and majestic hills. You can also enjoy the Calistoga’s rock-hewn stream as well as the private lake. There is even an on-property vineyard, so you don’t have to stray far to find wine. Napa Valley is the perfect destination at any time of the year, as long as everyone’s schedules work, you are good to go.

Saint Lucia

If you and your friends need to escape not only the cubicles, but also the country, fly to Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia is an Eastern Caribbean Island. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches and simply relax. Or, you can do something amazing for your body that will leave you with more energy right before going back to work. Along with your friends, sign up for The Bodyholiday – all-inclusive resort that combines spa treatments, whole foods, and cutting edge fitness routines like Spoga, which includes spin and yoga. It is easier sticking to resolutions when you have a back-up, so the next time you get together with your friends, pitch this idea to them!


Call Rubinsohn Travel(215) 886-5200 to take care of your booking arrangements, so you can take the time to help your friends pack!

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Glistening water is a natural phenomenon that creates a magical experience that everybody should participate in at least once. Bioluminescence happens in places where freshwater meets salt water and phosphorus forms. The small microorganism emit light when disturbed. Therefore, the water begins glowing with any movement. This gives a new appeal to night swimming. Glistening water only occurs in a few places around the world:

Luminous Lagoon, Jamaica

Luminous Lagoon is a 45-minute boat ride from Montego Bay. The lagoon is home to millions of organisms called dinoflagellates, who form a bright light whenever there is movement in the water. The glowing can be seen as soon as the boat touches the water, and it looks magical when swimming. Not only will the water around you light up, the organisms will create a temporary sparkle on your body and your swimsuit. Make sure to pack your water shoes, as the bottom of the lagoon feels mushy due to the mud.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been blessed with three bioluminescent bays. The brightest one is Vieques, known to tourists as the Mosquito Bay. The Bay is shallow and small, but there are plenty of microorganisms to give out the beautiful, glowing effect. The second brightest is Laguna Grande in Fajardo. The least brightest is La Parguera in the town of Lajas, so when visiting this bay make sure to book a kayaking trip instead of a boat. That way, you will be able to view the bioluminescence closer.


Vaadhoo Island is another amazing spot to experience the fascinating sight of the dinoflagellates organisms. The body of water is referred to as “Sea of Stars” due to the glittering effect. The “glitter” can be spotted even by walking on the beach, as the waves wash on the shore. Vaadhoo Island is not the only island in the Maldives that serves as home to the enchanting microorganisms, there are several others who do so as well.  

Cayman Islands

Bio Bay, Grand Cayman offers kayak tours and boat tours with swimming component, to allow visitors to see the glowing waters beneath them. Multiple companies on this island also suggest snorkeling, in order to see the plankton up close. If you have your own boat or kayak, it is not necessary to go through a third-party, but, to receive the most amount of information, it is recommended that you go with an experienced tour guide.

If you are as eager to explore these magical places as we are, call Rubinsohn Travel(215) 886-5200 to book your next trip today!

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 Although this year’s 4th of July is around the corner, it is never too early to plan for next year’s activities. And what better day to travel, learn the history of our country, and engage in some fun activities than 4th of July! Make sure to call Rubinsohn Travel (215)-886-5200 to help you accommodate the travel arrangements, so you can take the time to read and decide which patriotic city below you would like to visit next Summer.

Freedom Trail- Boston, Massachusetts

The Freedom Trail is one of the most patriotic excursions. This trail is 3 miles long and begins at the Boston Common. The great part about the trail is that it can be picked up at any point along the way. So if you are feeling adventurous, you can begin at the start and follow the trail to the end. But, if you are not up for walking, you can simply pick where to start and finish. The brick path connects 16 of the most historical monuments and sites in Boston. Some of Boston’s most special places include Park Street Church, the Old State House, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere House and the USS Constitution. You will be able to capture a real sense of the American Revolution after finishing the trail.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial- Rapid City, South Dakota

A must-see place to visit is the infamous Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Standing beneath the 60-foot-tall visages of U.S presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln is absolutely breathtaking. Lincoln and Gutzon Borglum began carving into the granite mountainside in 1927 and didn’t finish until 1941. They wanted to promote tourism in the area and now over 3 million visitors come to Black Hill to marvel at this legendary American monument.

Colonial Williamsburg- Virginia

Make sure to put some time aside for this trip, as Colonial Williamsburg is impossible to explore in a day or two – there is simply too much to see! It is the only place that takes you back in time to the dawn of America. Colonial Williamsburg is the “live” 18th century that you get to experience every time you step on their grounds. You can dance, sing, and eat with the 18th century version of our population. Meet the “Nation Builders” – the real life historical figures associated with old Williamsburg, engage with them and experience their life. Colonial Williamsburg also offers carriage rides, so you can ride through the historic era while enjoying the peace and quiet and removing yourself from the chaos of modern-day streets.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is known for its 4th of July activities! The city’s population includes about 19% of veterans, so the area takes patriotism to new heights. When you visit Colorado Springs, definitely stop by Adventures Out West. This place allows you to zipline over the Manitou foothills with an American flag on your back. In addition, you can rent from a variety of Jeeps and and go on a Jeep tour. If you want to take a break from driving, hop on one of their segways! Adventures Out West allows you to segway through the Garden of the Gods and experience the scenic views with wind in your hair! If you are tired on being on land, jump in one of the air balloons and experience Colorado from 1000 feet up.

Ready to explore one or all of these patriotic cities? Rubinsohn Travel excels in planning premier luxury vacations, and we want to make sure you experience nothing but the best. Give Rubinsohn Travel a call at (215) 886-5200, and we’ll begin your planning today!

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Summer vacation preparations may be behind us, but it is never too early to plan ahead! Traveling in the fall is often great for those on a budget, as it is not a popular time for getaways. If your schedule permits you to sneak away after the long months of the summer heat, allow Rubinsohn Travel to book the perfect, yet affordable fall vacation. From Eastern and Northern Europe, to Southern Africa, and North America, there are endless destinations that are waiting to be visited. See Rubinsohn Travel’s suggestions below of places you may have not thought of exploring, but definitely should!

Šolta, Croatia

Solta boasts over 9 miles of sandy white beaches and beautiful turquoise water. The sea is perfect for water activities, such as swimming, fishing, and boating. If you have a penchant for adventure, visit Tatinja Bay and cliff jump into the deep blue depths or seek solace for a romantic weekend in tiny Zaglav Bay. Travelers with a sweet tooth can try any one of the island’s mouthwatering Dalmatian desserts including carob cake, fritters, and paradižot. Those looking to get educated can visit family-run farms on the island, and learn the art of making oil, wine, and even honey. September and October in Croatia are known to be ideal weather months with many days available for swimming, and all of the tourist facilities still open without being crowded.


Known for centuries as the place to see a mummy, Egypt plans to present a new tourist destination this fall. Not far from the Great Pyramids is the site of the new monument: The Grand Egyptian Museum. The museum will feature the treasures of the pharaohs, including the legendary Tutankhamen. In addition to the new museum, tourists can visit Egyptian classics such as the Great Sphinx of Giza and the Valley of the Kings. Egypt offers plenty of multi-level scuba diving lessons, as well as snorkeling in its beautiful, blue waters. Weather-wise, the best time to visit Egypt is from October to April, so the fall season fits right in!


Zambia features walking safaris, beautiful waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. This peaceful destination features several national parks, such as Luambe, Kafue, and legendary safari tours. Zambia also boasts six waterfalls, including the famous Victoria Falls, four lakes, and three rivers, which are all perfect for water activities. Discover the heart of Africa and reconnect with nature in this beautiful nation. Outstanding sunsets are almost always guaranteed. There is plenty of adventurous as well as leisure activities, so everyone can find something enjoyable to do in Zambia. May to October marks the great, mild temperature at Zambia, but you might get late hints of summer, as September and October can sometimes get hot.

Archipelago Sea, Finland

This old European nation has a lot of history within it. Visitors can visit old wooden towns, lighthouses, and grand old stone churches. The small villages include charming cafes, shops, and markets. The capital, Helsinki, is filled with interesting design, architecture, culture, and can be explored on foot, for those looking to gain some exercise. The famous and beautiful Northern Lights also arrive as early as September. Finland’s seasons resemble America’s weather pattern, which allows you to explore the country in comfortable weather, without the strong, summer heat waves. If, on the other hand, you are looking for the opposite extreme, snow arrives in November, making for scenic landscapes.

Toronto, Canada

Trying to go international but stick close to home? Toronto, Canada is the place to go! Visit the historic distillery district for art galleries, restaurants, performances, and of course breweries. Kids (and adults!) will never have a bad day at the Toronto Zoo, one of the largest in the world. At the end of September, there is an all-night art extravaganza, Nuit Blanche. It is a unique event as it begins at sunset and ends at the start of sunrise. Hockey fans are encouraged to visit the NHL Hall of Fame, dedicated to history of ice hockey. Again, fall season allows for pleasant weather without the inconvenience of big, tourist crowds.

Ready to travel the world and visit these great spots? Rubinsohn Travel excels in planning premier luxury vacations, and we want to make sure you experience nothing but the best. Give Rubinsohn Travel a call at (215) 886-5200, and we’ll begin your planning today!

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Miami, Florida is a great destination to travel year-round, not only due to the amazing warm weather, but because of the vibrant colors, beautiful beaches, and exciting architecture that ranks the city to be one of the most pleasing vacation-destinations in America. Additionally, the city offers plenty of luxurious locations that allows you to explore your artistic side and capture photos that will impress your social media following. Rubinsohn Travel put together a list of the most picturesque hot spots in the Magic City. Allow Rubinsohn Travel to book your next getaway – your followers will love it.

Espanola Way

Two-blocks of Europe-inspired architecture and atmosphere, Espanola Way is packed with boutiques, cafes, cigar shops, and more. The isles are dominated by pink walls with shaded striped green and white awnings, and of course, plenty of palm trees to complete the intimate feel. The pink buildings combined with the blue, Miami sky, creates a view perfect for selfies. Dine at a Spanish, French, or Italian restaurant amongst magnificent Mediterranean architecture for the perfect backdrop as you indulge in your favorite eats.

Art Deco Historic District

Miami Beach’s Art Deco Historic District is filled with over 800 Art Deco buildings within one square mile. The district is complete with pastel-colored buildings, unique decor elements including curved metal rails, and flags from popular ocean liners. The Beacon and Colony Hotels decorate the streets with giant signs and neon accents. Across the street at Lummus Park, you can experience the skyline of Art Deco as a whole. During the day, experience the variety of museums and stores that look as if they are right out of a magazine. When the sun goes down, the park is filled with colorful lights beaming from building to building. The Art Deco Historic District is a fun place to visit, and to take photos for your next Instagram slideshow.

Villa Vizcaya

Villa Vizcaya is an entire estate, filled with pools, statues, fountains, gardens and a magnificent waterfront. Although there are no photos allowed inside the elaborate mansion, every spot outside is equally pleasing to photograph. Whether it is by a pool, in the garden, or with the mansion in the background, the picture will be as stunning as in person. This Italian estate is filled with elegance, history, and incredible landscape.

The Villa at Casa Casuarina

More known for the designer that used to reside there – Gianni Versace, the Villa at Casa Casuarina is meant to be explored in detail, as even the outside fence has Versace’s logo engraved. Each visible statue, pillar, and piece of artwork has an interesting history behind it. As a room guest at the villa, you gain access to the iconic Thousand Mosaic Pool, which contains 24k gold tiles and alluring designs. The pool is lit up at night, so it is a wonderful place to take pictures in day or night light.


Some would call Stiltsville to be Miami’s best-kept secret. Stiltsville features a cluster of wood-framed houses on the water, painted with yellow and pink pastel colors. Stiltsville has a colorful history that dates back to the 1930s, when “Crawfish Eddie Walker” built the first shack on stilts above the water. No matter the weather, time of day, the view combined with the crystal, blue water, make for an amazing photo opportunity.

Ready for your close-up? Rubinsohn Travel excels in planning premier luxury vacations, and we want to make sure you experience nothing but the best. Give Rubinsohn Travel a call at (215) 886-5200, and we’ll begin your planning today!

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The first thing people tell you when you book a trip somewhere, is you have to try the food at —, and then they hit with a long list of extravagant restaurants that all the locals go to.  Occasionally, experiencing different food cultures is the best reason for travelers to go explore the world. Rubinsohn Travel put together a list of our favorite bucket-list foods that are worth an international trip to find. *Warning* this list contains the most extravagant, most essential, and most sensual reasons to stamp your passport.

Have Tea in London

Pinkies up! If your idea of a scone is that less than mediocre dough ball in the Starbucks pastry case, get ready to pack your bags for London. Extravagant tea can be pricey, but it’s worth doing, especially just for the experience. The combination of what flour and butter can be when baked to its highest standard and topped with a dollop of the richest, sweetest cream and fresh berry jam, is extraordinary. The English Tea Room at Brown’s, where Queen Victoria used to take her tea, offers the quintessential British experience with a unique twist worth obsessing over.

Chow Down on a Meaty Sandwich from a Bavarian Butcher

In southern Germany, a stop into any butcher shop, or Metzgerei, can be the cure of any hangover in five minutes or less. The locals typically indulge in a juicy bratwurst and roasted pork carved right off the shoulder. The roasted pork then gets slapped onto a fresh roll (what Bavarians call semmel) with sweet or regular mustard as you desire. It’s a fast food bite best devoured at a standing table between a high stack of napkins, and two pints of beer!

Sample the Eccentric Streets of India

When you travel, your best bet is to eat like the locals do. In India, that means hitting the variety in the streets. A stroll through any large city within the heart of India will reveal vibrant food stops and carts. Our personal favorite are the sweet and juicy bright yellow mangoes of summer, that you can enjoy while strolling through the market. Don’t be surprised when you see young, tender coconuts just waiting to be sliced open. In Mumbai, start with a collection of snacks that marries the crunchy and soft textures of puffed rice and crackers with the sweet, tart flavors of chutneys, that are known as chaat, And behind the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai is Bademiya, where skewers of succulent kebabs are grilled on hot coals and then wrapped and served in thin sheets of flatbread.

The World’s Best Guinness Stew in Ireland

The silky, chocolatey, lightly carbonated Guinness is not for everyone. Many people claim that Guinness is “too heavy,” and “drink is like a meal in itself.”  Even if you have these feelings, there’s a way to experience Dublin’s famed brew: make it a meal. You won’t find Guinness stew quite like this in the United States — having a couple of hundred years to perfect the recipe will do that. The recipe is crafted with steak, veggies, and spices all selected for their uncanny pairing with Guinness. As you chow down, you can look out at the concrete jungle and steam pipes that make the beer.

Drown in the Delicious Dim Sum in Hong Kong

You can spend hundreds of dollars on Michelin-starred dumplings – or walk down into a basement shop and share a table with locals gossiping in Chinese mere feet from a steam table. Ideally, we would like to do both. Hong Kong lives for dim sum, a tea time tradition of small bites that Hong Kong has turned into a signature meal. Just don’t look for the cart-style service common in American dim sum houses: since freshness matters in dumplings. Our favorite spot? San Hing. The tables in San Hing are shared by a mix of elderly folks, celebrities, and drinkers on a last stop before heading home. Guests typically hover around the food arrival counter, while an unending stream of new guests are looking to snatch seats.

Go to a Gelateria in Italy

A trip to Italy warrants barrels of pasta, pizza, and wine, but there’s a reason every town in Italy has at least one gelateria. Italy’s creamier, silkier alternative to ice cream is served at warmer temperatures and tastes different than anything you’ve had in the US. Sample flavors like pistachio, hazelnut, and panna cotta, then watch as the scoopers twirl swirls of gelato onto cones and cups. Even if you stain your shirt while clutching a drippy, messy cone, well, at least you’re blending in with the locals.

Take on the Francesinha Sandwich in Porto, Portugal

The name Francesinha means “Little Frenchie” in Portuguese.  But there is nothing little about this meaty outrage. Recipes vary, but the essential components are two slices of bread between which you’ll find ham, sliced steak, and at least two types of sausage. The sandwich is then topped with melted cheese, smothered in a gravy with a beer-based, and served with an optional sunnyside up egg and fries. Are you hungry yet?

Ready to travel the world to indulge in these delicious bites? Rubinsohn Travel excels in planning premier luxury vacations, and we want to make sure you experience nothing but the best. Give Rubinsohn Travel a call at (215) 886-5200, and we’ll begin your planning today!

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