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Wednesday, 19 September 2018 03:00

Discover New Reasons To Travel This Winter

In case you haven’t thought of ALL the reasons why you should leave the freezing cold behind and travel this winter, we came up with a few more. Once we have convinced you that any getaway is better than commuting to work in snow, call Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 and we’ll plan the trip for you. Instead of pulling out the snow shovels, prepare the luggage and get excited for new adventures!

  • According to the experts at the Science of the Total Environment, an individual needs about 10 to 20 minutes during the Summer and Spring semesters to achieve the recommended daily dosage of vitamin D. But, during the winter months, a person would need to spend close to 2 hours outside to obtain the same levels of vitamin D.

  • Sun also has the power to brighten people’s moods. You can always notice the annoyance in people’s faces during gloomy and cold days. As soon as the sun comes out, everyone tends to cheer up.

  • It has been proven that the ocean is a soothing sound that relaxes one’s mind. The sounds of plow trucks and impatient drivers are not what you need this winter.

  • The short days in the winter don’t allow for many activities. Before you know it, you will be driving to work in the dark, and coming back in the dark! The only way to stay active is to travel to a destination that offers more daylight.

  • Sitting in shade under an umbrella, is way more pleasant than controlling your umbrella in the wind on those rainy/snowy days.

  • Salting the rim of your delicious drink, always beats the dreary task of salting the driveway.

  • Sand is always going to be better than snow. If you get sand in your shoes, you can simply shake it out. Snow, on the other hand, equals cold feet and soaked socks.

 Prepare for winter the best way you can – by leaving! Pick a destination, call Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 and we will get you there before the real cold begins.

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Wednesday, 25 July 2018 03:00

What to Know and Where to Go with Your Pets!

Tips Before You Travel with Your Pet

 1. Pet Identification

It is essential to provide your pets with accurate identification tags before you set out on your next adventure. This way, if you ever get separated from your furry friend, they will more likely be found and returned to you. Another option is getting permanent identification, which you can discuss with your veterinarian. Your pet can be fitted with a microchip which provides an ID number that gets scanned if your pet is lost. You can also have your pet tattooed with the National Dog Registry.

2. Be Vigilant

You never quite know how your pet will react when traveling, especially for their first time! Pets can be easily startled by certain noises or unfamiliar smells, which can cause them to harm themselves or you. For example, cats may seek shelter under your legs while you’re driving or dogs may smell something outside of a car window and decide to jump out. Make sure your pet is secure at all times by keeping them in a crate. We recommend plastic carriers as the best travel crate since they are safe for various modes of travel.

3. Over Prepare

It’s always better to be over prepared than under prepared when it comes to traveling with pets, since you never know what they may need on the fly. We recommend bringing a basic first aid kit with you including bandages, gauze rolls, and antiseptic wipes in case they get injured over the course of your vacation. Always pack extra food and treats, as your pet may get extra hungry before boarding your flight or sitting in the car. In addition, if your pet is prone to anxiety in foreign places, you may want to consider bringing a sedative as a precaution.

Must-See Places to Travel with Your Pet

Pet-friendly hotels are hard to find and usually cost a fortune! Hotel Telluride, located in Telluride, Colorado has almost as many pet residents as human ones. This hotel offers your pet a bag of treats when you check-in and a list of activities you and your pet can enjoy together. Pets are allowed in most restaurants in this charming mountain town along with countless hiking trails, and even the Gondola to the ski-area. Plus, 10 percent of all pet fees are donated to the Second Chance Humane Society of Colorado. Book today with Rubinsohn Travel 215 886-5200, so you can take a scenic Gondola ride with your furry companion.

Ever dream of taking your pet with you to roam the streets of Paris? The City of Light is the perfect luxurious destination that happens to be extremely pet-friendly. And it’s a good thing to have your pet microchipped, since that is a requirement in the E.U. Dogs are welcome at Paris’ finest hotels including the Four Seasons George V. Paris and the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal. Many restaurants and shops are also dog friendly, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your pet behind. Paris’ famous bookstore, Shakespeare and Company, featured in Midnight in Paris and Julie and Julia welcomes dogs as well, and as far as transportation is concerned, pets are welcome on the Metro. Need we say more?

Now that we’ve given you another reason to travel, it’s time to book your next trip! Give us a call at Rubinsohn Travel at (215)-886-5200 to start planning today.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018 03:00

Planning a Trip using a Travel Consultant

Today, people are quick to jump to the conclusion that all travel arrangements can be done online…Although, that is not far from the truth, consider the benefits of using a travel expert.

  1. Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 has worldwide travel knowledge and experience. Deborah and Bill Rubinsohn and their team have been traveling for decades. They have enjoyed adventures on all 7 continents (yes, even Antarctica) and have visited over 100 countries.

  2. Rubinsohn Travel’s goal is to ensure that your vacation is tailored to you. Whatever your interests, they know the people to contact who will fulfill your specific travel desires.

  3. Online research can be very helpful but also very confusing…Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 can quickly determine the best choices for you and turn your travel dreams into reality…Their professional guidance lets you focus on your vacation knowing all the details have been handled…and they do not charge anything to book your vacation package.

  4. And they are there for you 24/7…If a problem occurs before or during your trip, they’re a phone call, email or text away to a solution…and they’re at your service after the trip contacting you for feedback…

  5. Rubinsohn Travel (215) 886-5200 is your personal travel concierge…Your next adventure is waiting…why not give them a call??
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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 15:00

Riding Solo: The Benefits of Traveling Alone

Have you ever considered traveling solo? Surprisingly, the fear of traveling alone is one of the most frequently cited reasons why folks miss out on traveling. But, what’s the issue with it? People may argue that it can be boring or lonely, but, truth be told, the pros of traveling alone greatly outweigh the cons. Here are some reasons why you should try it out…

You can embrace relaxation

One of the greatest luxuries of traveling alone is not having to coordinate with someone else’s schedule. The gives you the ability to de-stress and unwind, the reason most of us vacation in the first place, without having the worry of adhering to a companion or travel partner. Create your own schedule, and spend your days finishing that exciting read on the beach, or take a nature hike.

You will gain the confidence you didn’t have before

Those who are naturally shy may be hesitant to travel alone. If shyness has held you back before, traveling solo is the best thing for you! Almost anywhere you go when traveling, you can expect to see others who are traveling alone as well. This means you will be in an environment where people will be naturally more receptive to a conversation you start. Plus, if you introduce yourself to someone and make fool out of yourself…who cares?! You’re traveling! The likelihood of you seeing that person ever again is very slim. Solo traveling is a great way to push yourself, and step outside of your comfort zone.

You will stay within your budget

Money is always a pressure point when it comes to traveling. When traveling alone, there is no influence to mess with your budget. Everyone has different spending habits and attitudes, and this can affect the way that you spend your money when traveling. Even when you share finances with someone, both of you may not have the same idea of how much to spend on a hotel. By traveling alone, you eliminate varied opinions of others, and can spend your money however you choose.

Trip planning becomes easier

We all have a bucket list of places we would like to travel within our lifetime. Everyone has different schedules, budgets, and interests, so why wait around for someone to backpack through Machu Picchu with? Don’t waste your time! If it fits your schedule and budget, book your trip tomorrow! Traveling alone gives you this luxury to do whatever you want, whenever you want, and makes the trip planning process a whole lot easier.

You gain knowledge

One of the most rewarding parts of traveling alone is gaining new knowledge, and learning more about different cultures. By traveling alone, you are forced to immerse yourself into the culture, and become part of it. You have the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, broaden your perspective, or learn a new language! You may not be familiar with the cultures that are surrounding you while on vacation, but ultimately the unfamiliarity will provide you with the drive and need to learn! By becoming receptive to those around you, you are aware of things that may have been overlooked if you were traveling, with a larger group. When you experience what is outside the walls of your home or city, you may also begin to appreciate the life you were given inside those walls to a much higher degree.

Sometimes, the best travel companion you can have is yourself. You have limited time and money to spend on travel, so why not customize it to meet your full satisfaction? There are an immense amount of benefits that come along with traveling alone. So, stop questioning it, and check that place off your bucket list, by planning your solo trip with Rubinsohn Travel!

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Thursday, 04 January 2018 15:00

How to Afford Your New Year’s Resolution

Do you want to start traveling as a part of your New Year’s resolution but don’t have the money to do so? Now is the perfect time to start saving! There are many ways you can strategically save money in order to fulfill your dream of traveling in 2018. By developing good saving habits, you can easily achieve your goal and take the vacation you deserve. To start, create a simple savings plan, and let Rubinsohn Travel provide you with a few additional money-saving tips to help you along the way…

Commit to your dream

One of our first tips for saving money is to remind yourself why you’re doing this. Creating a dream wall with pictures of the places you would like to travel creates that constant revalidation that you can make your dream vacation happen. By giving yourself that motivation, you are one step closer to reaching your goal. Saving money is hard, but anyone can do it if they set their mind to it.

Pack your Lunch and Don’t Eat Out

Make it a point to pack your lunch for work and/or school and spend more time cooking at home. This could be as simple as not getting a $2.50 soda each day, that could potentially save you $913 a year! Just trimming your lunch cost from $12 to $8 can save you $832 a year. A packed lunch would eliminate all of these extra, small dollar costs that ultimately add up in the long run.

Kill the Cable

Prices of cable television packages are constantly increasing, while digital media allows us to access the same content for a much lower price. Think about it: if your cable bill is $150 a month, you’re spending $1,800 a year just to watch television! Netflix currently has 17, 284 movies and streaming titles, including television shows, all at the price of $10 a month – talk about having your cake and eating it too! By finding inexpensive ways to access your entertainment, you are already on your way to the vacation of your dreams.

Cancel that Gym Membership

Now, we’re not saying to eliminate your fitness routine – the world is a cardio machine! Go outside and exercise in the wonderful outdoors, taking in the fresh air. During the colder months, grab a yoga mat and do simple, but effective exercises in the comfort of our own home! What better feeling than burning calories, and saving money!

Stay-in on Weekends

Going out each Friday and Saturday night forces your bank account to shrink. The $52 bottle of wine that you purchase at dinner only costs $22 at the liquor store. Cook dinner at home, watch a movie on your new Netflix account and relax. Think wisely and keep your travel dreams in mind. By inviting friends over for cocktails, rather than meeting up at the local bar, you can save money and hang out with your best pals!

Assess your Expenditures

Create a spreadsheet of your daily and monthly expenditures. Separate them into columns of needs and wants and slowly begin to eliminate the wants from your routine purchasing schedule. This mindless task will allow you to save money without much effort!

By incorporating these 6 tips into your everyday life, you can easily save up for your dream vacation in 2018. Don’t fall short and give up on your New Year’s resolution because you don’t believe you have enough funds. Use these tips to assist in your savings, and let Rubinsohn Travel work with you to make that dream become a reality.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Rubinsohn Travel can plan your 2018 getaway, give us a call at (215) 886-5200

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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 03:00

First Time Flyer, No Fear

Flying for the first time can be nerve-racking for some individuals. You’re thousands of feet above the ground and you’re not the one in control. There can be bad weather, which means flyers can expect turbulence, and you may even be afraid of heights. But not to worry, your friends at Rubinsohn Travel will help ease your mind with some helpful flying tips.

Once you are on the plane make sure you pay attention to everything your flight attendant announces. Travelers are often excited for take-off that they often forget the most important part of flying is getting to the destination safely. Your flight attendant will instruct you on how to proceed in the event of an emergency, and answer any questions you have about flying. You will also learn how to use your mobile devices and when it is appropriate to leave your seat during the flight.

One of the first rules of air travel is to always bring a pack of gum. Airplanes are pressurized, so while taking off and landing you may experience a popping sensation in your ear that can become irritating and uncomfortable. However, chewing gum is key to avoid the sensation. By chewing and swallowing, the auditory tube in your inner ear is able to ease and equalize the pressure by letting air in and out, eliminating almost all-possible discomfort. Gum can be found at any stand in the airport, so don’t forget to grab a pack!

If flying 40,000 feet above the ground makes you feel anxious, Rubinsohn Travel suggests to keep yourself occupied during the flight. Most commercial airplanes now offer WiFi during the duration of your flight, such as Jet Blue, American Airlines, and Emirates. Specific airlines have also begun offering a variety of in-flight movies and games that are available throughout the duration of your flight. Not interested in the in-flight amenities? Create a new playlist of songs that will last through the duration of the flight and ease all worries!

Bad weather is often unavoidable, which means you need to learn a few tricks to help keep yourself calm. When experiencing turbulence, the best thing to do is to purchase a comfortable travel pillow. If the ride gets bumpy due to the bad weather, you will have something soft and comfortable to keep you in place. If turbulence makes you uneasy, try learning new breathing techniques to calm your nerves before your trip. New breathing techniques can help you find a place of tranquility and keep from becoming too stressed out.

We hope that these tips were helpful for the next time you board an aircraft! When you’re ready to start planning your flight to your next vacation with Rubinsohn Travel, give us a call at (215)-886-5200. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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You planned your vacation with Rubinsohn Travel and have spent the month’s prior to your trip eating healthy and exercising to look your best. There is no reason for your vacation to be the reason you give up on those healthy habits you have become accustomed to. So forget the excuse “I’m on vacation,” and use these healthy tips to maintain your best health and still have fun while on vacation!

Skip the Airport Food

In order to stay healthy throughout your entire vacation, you must start off on the right foot. Do not let those scrumptious looking restaurants lure you in after your stressful wait in line at security. Rather than a greasy, calorie filled combo meal, plan ahead and pack your snacks! Fruits, vegetables and nuts are quick to pack and easy to eat before your flight.

Rethink the stop at the airport coffee shop! If you need a pick-me-up, tea and water are good substitutes for sugary coffee drinks and will also keep you hydrated during your flight.

Find a Balance

Rubinsohn Travel encourages you to try new and exciting foods during your vacation. But a key part of maintaining your health during your trip is to balance the foods you eat. Let yourself try that delicious pasta dish with the thick creamy sauce, but skip the dessert. The next few days order a salad or a light dish with proteins, greens and other nutrients.

Depending on where you planned your vacation with Rubinsohn Travel, many locations have grocery stores within a reasonable distance to your hotel or lodging. If you have the option, try making some of your meals rather than eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can save on calories (and cash) if you plan your own meals.

Walk Here, Walk There, Walk Everywhere

Believe it or not, you can exercise on vacation without even thinking about it! Skip the rental car or public transportation and walk to your destinations. Walking also allows you to explore more places in your vacation destination. Instead of taking an escalator or elevator… take the stairs. You will be amazed at the workout you can get just from walking up ten flights of stairs. You can even ask Rubinsohn Travel to help you book a hotel that offers accommodations including gyms and even work out classes!

Keep the Water Flowing

Your vacation is the distraction you need from real life, but do not let it distract you from the #1 thing your body needs… water! It is easy to forget to stay hydrated while you are busy traveling, sight seeing, and adjusting to new places. Helpful ways to remember to get enough H20 are to set alerts on your phone once every hour to drink water, carry a reusable water bottle wherever you go, and to drink at least two glasses of water with every meal. If you do not drink enough water, you can throw all of your other healthy habits out that plane window!

Not Just About Your Physical Health

In order to maintain your overall health, your mental health needs to be a priority. Rubinsohn Travel wants your vacation to be stress free and all about you. Your vacation should be a time of relaxation and happiness. Take time before your trip to catch up on work and answer any calls or emails, not during. Allow yourself to get enough sleep and remember to take time for you. You may want to maximize every moment of your trip, but you must get enough rest to be energized and ready to have the most fun on your vacation!

Let Rubinsohn Travel help you plan your next healthy and stress free vacation. Visit our website or give us a call at (215) 886-5200. We are excited to hear from you!

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017 03:00

Pack Like an Expert for Vacation

Your vacation is fast approaching. You have picked the dates, planned the trip and scheduled time off of work. Almost everything you need to do is completed with the help from the experts at Rubinsohn Travel. Now all you have to do is pack. It may seem like an easy task that can be done the day before your trip, but in order to pack like an expert and make your vacation go as smoothly as possible check out these tips to make packing a breeze!

Plan Early and Make a List

Rubinsohn Travel suggests that a month before your trip, make a list of everything you think you will need and set the list off to the side. A week later, look at the list again and cross off anything that is not essential for your trip. This will give you the opportunity to add any other essentials that you did not think of before. Taking time to plan what you need to bring for a trip will allow you to remember everything and avoid bringing unnecessary items. “I always advise clients to pack everything they’d like to pack, and then remove half of it from their suitcase. I find that really helps in terms of figuring out what they really need for a trip, and then they end up just bringing the essentials,” says Bill Rubinsohn of Rubinsohn Travel.

Layers and Neutral Colors

An essential expert packing tip is to plan on layering your clothing on vacation. Depending on the weather at your destination, avoid being too hot or too cold and pack light jackets or sweaters that can be doubled up or removed as the weather varies throughout the day. Remember that even in the warmest climates you might need a jacket in the air-conditioning. Neutral colored items that can be worn more than once can also be a helpful way to eliminate packing too much clothing. Colors such as black, tan and grey can be paired with almost anything and used multiple times throughout your trip.

Separate Clothing by Day

Since you already have your itinerary planned with the help of Rubinsohn Travel, planning your outfits for each day of your vacation before you begin packing can ease frustration. This also allows you to eliminate unnecessary clothing items and helps make packing easier. Pack each outfit in a sealed bag, or gallon food bag with a zipper to keep clothing organized and tight. Removing excess air from the bags will make more room in your suitcase. Pre-planning your outfits will make getting ready while on vacation quick and painless to leave more time for fun!

Bring Valuables and Extra Outfit in Carry-On

While there are many things you can prepare for during your trip, losing your luggage is not something you can control. A way to avoid ruining the start of your vacation because of lost luggage is to pack all valuables in your carry-on. Never check luggage with medicine, money, electronics or expensive jewelry, and always keep those valuables with you. To take extra precaution, pack an extra outfit in your carry-on in case your luggage happens to get lost. Being prepared will allow you to enjoy your vacation rather than waiting and stressing until your luggage is delivered.

Allow Room for Souvenirs

Because nothing is worse than not being able to bring home something special from your travels for your friends and loved ones!

Always remember that you have a limit of 50lbs per suitcase without paying overweight and if you can’t lift the suitcase – you’ve packed too much!

Use your new expert packing skills on your next trip planned by Rubinsohn Travel! Call us at (215) 886-5200. We can’t wait to help plan your next vacation!

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017 03:00

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

The summer is ending, which means it’s time for fuzzy sweaters, boots, hats, scarves, and something else. The best season to travel (Fall) has arrived! Rubinsohn Travel wants you to know that fall traveling means lower traveling prices, an abundance of festivals, and fewer crowds.

Prices are lower traveling in the fall because children are back in school, and families have already used most of their vacation days during the summer. With the decrease in travelers, airlines, hotels, cruise, and resorts lower their prices to attract more business. This makes the fall an ideal time to travel if you are on a budget, and with the help of Rubinsohn Travel it will be a worthwhile vacation.

During the fall the weather is milder, the leaves are changing, and fall cuisine is in full effect. Fall is the best time to visit places that are known for apples, pears, squash, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes, such as Dwight Miller Orchard in Vermont, China, Egypt, and Turkey.

Festivals are in full bloom during the fall, and full of cultural experiences. The Diwali Festival of Lights is celebrated in India to commemorate the victory of light over darkness and is a breathtaking spectacle of lights. In Germany, thousands of spectators come to watch the annual Duck Race, which features 7,000 rubber ducks dumped into the Neckar River and is extremely amusing. The Festival of the Dashian can be very intriguing, showing the Nepalese people celebrating the victory of good over evil. These and many other amazing festivals are just a phone call away with the help of Rubinsohn Travel!

Trips for Traveling Abroad

  • Get your passport at least two months before your trip
  • Research the culture and customs before you travel to avoid cultural miscommunication
  • Travel with a friend or family member
  • Notify your bank and credit card company that you will be traveling
  • Check your cell-phone carriers for international calling
  • Make sure you know the exchange rates and currency

Rubinsohn Travel would love to help you experience all that the season has to offer. To begin planning your trip with Rubinsohn Travel, call (215) 886-5200. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 03:00

Hurricane Jose Can’t Damper Your Day

As Hurricane Jose approaches our region, it is important to plan your current and future travels around the storm’s possibilities. Currently, Hurricane Jose is listed as a Category One storm, expected to have effects on the east coast, as well as North East and Philadelphia regions. The storm will bring periods of heavy rain, strong winds, and beach erosion. Jose is currently moving northeast and is well offshore the U.S. east coast but will produce dangerous rip currents off of the shoreline. All of these things could put a damper on travelers once sunny, relaxing, and peaceful plans.

Fortunately, Rubinsohn Travel has a personal touch that can help you prepare for any travel situation, even a hurricane. Rubinsohn Travel can advise you on Trip Cancellation Insurance policies that will give you the most coverage, even during weather disasters. If you decide to travel elsewhere, Rubinsohn Travel has access to reservations that aren’t available to other agents, and as a certified travel partner with major hotels and tourism boards, Rubinsohn Travel can help you locate a climate that will best suit you.

Rubinsohn Travel will keep you up-to-date on the most recent weather travel alerts concerning Hurricane Jose, which areas are clear of the storm’s path, and what areas should be avoided during your travels.

Helpful Hurricane Jose Survival Travel Tips

  • Always pack an umbrella or light weight raincoat
  • Bring quick dry clothing
  • Carry a water resistant bag/purse
  • Bring an extra bag for damp clothing
  • Waterproof boots/ flip flops (less likely to get damaged)
  • Wear a hat

Always Remember

With a little help from Rubinsohn Travel, inclement weather doesn’t have to put a damper on your day. To begin planning your trip with Rubinsohn travel call us at (215) 886-5200. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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