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Wednesday, 03 October 2018 03:00

Yellowstone – The All-Seasons Park

Contrary to popular belief, Yellowstone is worth visiting any time of the year and here’s a breakdown of activities for each season. The park is beautiful, even if you are just admiring it from the window of your car. But, the best way to experience it is to get out and get active. The experts at Rubinsohn Travel will ensure that your trip to Yellowstone meets all of your expectations.


Fall always comes with beautiful colors and Yellowstone is a magnificent destination to see the wonders of Fall. The colorful leaves, combined with the natural beauty of Yellowstone, make for a spectacular sight! Late September and early October is not a popular time-frame for tourists, which means there are less cars blocking your view. Early Autumn is also a great time for wildlife spotting. In particular, elk bulls. The Madison and Gardner rivers are full of brown trout at this time of the year – so grab your fishing gear before you leave. For those who want to get even more active, Yellowstone rents bikes that you can take around the park.


The snow-covered mountains, frozen waterfalls and frost-covered bison make the perfect postcard picture that one should experience in their lifetime. The roads stay closed, as they are not plowed – so the only way for visitors to get around is by snowmobiles, or skiing. For those who love skiing, there’s plenty of room to do so, as skiers are permitted to even slide down the unplowed roads. Wildlife spotting is at its prime in the winter, as animals are easier to spot on the white background.


Spring is a wonderful time for families, as the wildlife features their tiny newborns. Bears come out of hibernation with new cubs and bison give birth on the plains. The greatest odds for animal sightseeing are at dawn and dusk. If you wish to see the elk, the best location to spot them is at Mammoth, as the animals enjoy hanging out on the lawn there. If your schedule permits you to, make a quick trip to Yellowstone during the Spring season and you will see all types of small and furry animals.


Summer is the most popular season to visit Yellowstone, which also means it is the most crowded season. Nevertheless, the range of activities around the park increases during the Summer. Hiking is permitted during the summer, but many of the trails are still snow covered until July. The summer weather is usually the nicest for hiking. During the summer months, the temperature can get down to almost 30-degrees at night. Fishing and boating are both permitted at this time of year. Swimming is legal, although not popular mainly because tourists are unaware of the fact that it’s legal let alone the fact that the water is very cold. Horseback riding through the beautiful, guided trails is also offer by the park during the Summer season.

If you would like to visit this natural and magnificent work of art, call Rubinsohn Travel today at (215) 886-5200, and we’ll schedule your trip to Yellowstone National Park.

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Are you looking to take a vacation, but don’t have the budget to fly to Europe? Or any other exotic places for that matter? Well, lucky for you American cities have been beaming with new attractions in small and large cities alike. With small cities figuring out ways to create big-time experiences, larger cities are competing with world-class attractions. If you’re looking to stay local to your home state, or just want to travel within the United States, Rubinsohn Travel put together a guide on America’s hottest new attractions in the United States. You don’t need to cross a body of water to take a phenomenal trip this year!

Toy Story Land

Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney’s World Resorts Hollywood Studios is bringing its newest attraction Summer 2018 – Toy Story Land. The 11-acre park will be themed after Andy’s backyard from the classic Toy Story trilogy – a trilogy that broke $1,981,437,865 in worldwide box-office sales. Expect to see a roller coaster that features Slinky Dog, an Alien Swirling Saucers ride, and a restaurant called Woody’s Lunchbox, which is an expansion of the existing Toy Story Mania attraction. Park-goers will also be able to interact and take pictures of their favorite toys from the film, including the abundant green arm men.

 VCU Institute for Contemporary Art

Richmond, VA

Richmond, Virginia is in the hot-seat for opening the most anticipated art museum in 2018. Virginia Commonwealth University has poured over $41 million into the space. The VCU Institute for Contemporary Art is a 41,000 square-foot museum devoted to showcasing art from fresh, modern artists in the city’s cultural cornerstone. The white-blocked building will be a non-collecting museum, instead deciding to keep its exhibits, films, and special programs, so visitors can come back for new experiences, and see something fresh each time. The museum will also have a heavy focus on featuring experimental, and modern pieces. The opening exhibition, called the “Declaration” will bring current events into its works and focus on the movement that art potentially can bring to social issues, and the need for it to change.

The Time Traveler Roller-Coaster

Brandon, Missouri

Silver Dollar City, the Dubai of the Midwest, will go above and beyond once again. This past year, Silver Dollar City opened its $26 million Time Traveler roller coaster. It is the fastest, tallest spinning coaster in the globe. The cars twirl 360 degrees, while it tumbles down the track over 50 miles-per-hour. Riders will experience a 90-degree drop after climbing a 10-story on the tracks. Quickly after, riders will jolt from a quick thrust to 47 miles-per-hour from a dead stop. Take a breath, because you’ll also experience three inversions, which will consist of a dive loop, zero-G roll, and a 95-foot vertical loop. Did I mention it’s the tallest on a spinning coaster? We just highly suggest that you eat after this joy ride.

The Legacy Museum

Montgomery, Alabama

Devoted to African-American history, in the city where the civil rights movement began, sits the Legacy Museum. Coining as the most provocative, and newest attraction hitting the states this year, the Legacy Museum is placed in an old slave warehouse that operated the middle-man between the city’s port and its rail system. As visitors enter the exhibit, a recreation of the conditions that once existed there appear, giving visitors a glimpse of the horrors of the slave trade. The museum also claims that they have the largest collection of data on widespread lynching, which will include art from prominent black artists, filmmakers, and musicians.

Underwater Museum of Art

South Walton, Florida

Richmond may have the coolest new art museum in the State above water. Underwater, though? You can find yourself in South Walton, Florida a beach community on the Gulf Coast for its white sandy beaches and beautiful artificial reefs. Sitting 50 to 60 feet below the surface, the Underwater Museum of Art will be America’s first underwater sculpture garden. The underwater sculpture garden will be on an acre of a seabed off Grayton State Park. Seven sculptures will greet diverse and subtle reefs, with names like Propeller in Motion, The Grayt Pineapple, and Amorphous Octopus. Additionally, five of the sculptures will hail from local artists, and JVC’s Dream, which is a collaboration between students from the local Montessori School, and Kevin Reilly. However, grab your tickets as they are selling fast!

Who said you have to travel out of the United States to have a nice vacation? Give Rubinsohn Travel a call at (215) 886-5200 and we can send you along to these amazing destinations any time of the year!

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